Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quick Post~

Facebook is the place for quick
entries for giveaways.
You can enter a sweet giveaway
at TheOldMilkBarn on facebook.
Leave a comment on their page
below the photo above.
 Love the "LOVE" necklace!
Been busy organizing laces and ribbons!
Here are a couple crude photos of
my day.

You can purchase the blank cardboard bobbins at
The Salvage on Etsy.
Angelica is due any day but will do her best
to fill your order, just convo her and tell her
Linda sent you.
I'll have more photos for you after I'm all done.
Stay warm and cozy!


  1. Anonymous12.2.13

    Thanks for sharing this. You too sweet. Love your blog.

  2. Annette14.2.13

    LOVE these! I need some! :)

  3. Anonymous15.2.13

    Congratulations!!! You won the giveaway. Come by and leave me your mailing address please.

  4. Anonymous26.2.13

    Those bobbins are the sweetest things I can imagine. What an inspired way to store all those notions. I have a drawer full and its messy as is probably everyone elses. I can't wait to get started getting organized.

    Get those directions out to us. And thanks so much for the idea.


  5. Well, it seems your getting organized "is" rather organized, too fun,,,therapy,,lace therapy...good suff to stay sane. Thanks for the link!
    I don't do facebook, just too little computer time in my day to do all the things everyone does. Someone will be happy there as your goodies are quite special.


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