Friday, January 25, 2013

I Heart This..

Bouncing back from a kick butt
headcold. Finally getting things
done around the homestead.
In the quiet of the day I have been making
these sweet little silk
heart yo-yo's.
They're a little more challenging
to make than the round ones.
It takes me longer to
pull the threads together.
The sewing part is the easiest.
After you're done with that pulling
and positioning the puff to go where you want
can be a 'task'.
Those duck egg blue beads are very tiny baby/doll buttons I bid on
Ebay a long time ago.  Each has a little metal shank.
They are half the size of a pea.  I think there were 30 in the lot,
and they were very cheap.
These will look great on a Valentine card.
"A friend loves at all times.."
Proverbs 17:17


  1. They are very pretty with that touch of blue x

  2. Anonymous26.1.13

    These would be very pretty on the cards! I love all the things you have made... Such a talent!! Take care... Gay

  3. Annette26.1.13

    Awe...those are so sweet! Love you.

  4. They are precious!


  5. These little heart puffballs are sooo adorable!!! they would look amazing decorating so many things ... or just to look at.

  6. Hi. I came over from your FB page.

    Do you make tutorials for us to learn things?
    These little hearts are adorable!! (I've never made yoyo's, but I have seen them)

    off to see more


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