Friday, February 15, 2013

Cardboard Bobbins~

More bobbins have been ordered.
I'm addicted to making these.
There are endless graphics
to apply to these.
Waiting to be cut out and applied to the bobbins. 
There are about 35 here, I sent my sister
6.  :)  In the vintage photo are my paternal grandmother (sitting
in the chair) and a few of her brothers and sisters.
There were 12 Shannon children all together!

I do have more lace
to fill a few more cards.

The crochet lace above was made by my mother-in-law
a long time ago.

 Fun, fun, fun.


Some of these trims are very old.

Vintage French lace.
Some of you are asking where I get my designs
and graphics.  Some of the bobbins are covered
with scrapbook papers. A few are done with graphics
And one is from Dawn's The Feathered Nest
I also used stamps and ink.
I'll do a tutorial next week.
Are you keeping busy?
Spring is on the way!
Have a wonderful weekend
Blog friends.
Don't be shy, leave a quick comment.
Love it when you stop and visit!


  1. These are so pretty. What a great way to organize!! I can't believe your mother-in-law made the crocheted lace!

  2. These are absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful feast for the eyes. This just goes to show that organization can be beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Those are beautiful! I need to do something like that, mine is a little wrinkly! :(

  4. Anonymous15.2.13

    Love all of them...where did you find what to put on them? They are just precious...vera

  5. Hi Vera, Thanks for stopping by. Most of what I used was scrapbook paper. Some graphics are from "The Graphics Fairy". I also shop Etsy for some images too.


  6. I fell in love with those things! <3

  7. These are so sweet and what a cool idea! My ribbon and lace boxes are so messy, I must try this. I so love the idea of having all my things organized, but I'm so far from that! Another goal for the year...

  8. PS: Do you have an etsy store?

  9. Oh my gosh! You have insired me. I need to do something too. Mine are in totes and I have to get them (almost) all out to find anything. I buy all the trim I can find.... lol. You never can have enough! So glad we connected. Come visit some time!

  10. These are beautiful and would certainly inspire creativity.

  11. Linda these are beautiful!!! Absolutely beautiful! I lvoe them. I can imagine you having a great day making them. I so wish you lived by me, that I could pop on over for a chat and to see what lovely creations you are making. You live much too far away!

    Enjoy a great week! I am still having that problem that my emails get sent back when I comment or try to email you in person, but I go back and check to see that my emails are in your comment section. It's so weird, and I am NOT good at computers, so I can't figure out how to fix it! Maybe someday someone will figure it out for me!

    1. Kate how are you? Stay in touch! :)

  12. So beautiful, a lovely way to display your lace. Catherine x

  13. These are great.

  14. I love your colors and prints you have chose for your bobbins. I have made some too, but haven't quite finished. Life is so busy dealing with my Mother. The trip home is something fun to look forward too this spring, I'm happy for you. I always enjoy your blog so much.
    God Bless

  15. Love your bobbins! This is beautiful eye candy--love all your laces and how lovely that you have the crochet lace made by your mother-in-law!


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