Sunday, February 24, 2013

Making plans to visit my Wisconsin family.
Checking plane ticket pricing.
And we've flown from Gateway in Mesa,
which is less busy and cheaper even with
a large airline company! But we have to wait
until my fly date gets closer. The end of May
is my plan.
Little 4" bee skep made with jute.
More card bobbins.
Edited watch face photo.
My first altered bottle.
Spring is getting closer!
Everything is blossoming soon here in the
Hope you all are having a
great Sunday.


  1. Anonymous24.2.13

    love everything especially that darling bee skeep!! I lost 2 of my hives this winter due to the cold- do so hope my 1 remaining hive will be ok through the rest of this cold- do so love my bees!

  2. Yes, I love the bee skep too! and your altered bottle is sweet. I have been thinking of doing that, but didn't know what to put in it. Buttons are a great idea!
    Take care!

  3. Bee skeps are so fascinating to me! I love this mini jute bee skep you made! Your altered bottle is darling! Such a pretty post!

  4. Your blog is so lovely and your bee skep is wonderful!
    I also love your cardstock bobbins!!!!!

  5. I hardly read anything past you are making a trip home. Are you flying into Wisconsin, or MSP? If MSP, you have to email me, and I will make a hasty trip to at least glimpse the lovely Linda in person as you land and leave for your sweet home.

    Love your bee skep. Don't we all? So sweet. You are fabulous, seriously fabulous!
    Enjoy a sweet week of dreams!

  6. Hi Linda!
    Wonderful banner, and post Linda, your creations are always magical.
    Blessings in Your Day!


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