Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Dream ......

When I see all the dreamy white interior designs today, I say: 'I can do that'! But in reality our family cannot live in those rooms. So what is a girl suppose to do? Keep on living in your beautiful rooms as they are. Just add your own twist to what you have.
Keep it 'down home'. Keep it 'country style'.  Keep it midwest or whatever your preferred taste is in keeping your home your castle. And you know what else? All the photographed rooms you see aren't always that 'well kept'. Oh, my house is kept and it is lived in, just not well kept.


Double yum...
Home, just not livable.
Am I talkin' practical here?

Sorry, the lighting doesn't bring out the brass nailheads.

My style, my home, my sofa, and my twist
to creamy 'whites', just a little here and there.
Our beautiful brown leather sofa set, that will age to that worn bomber jacket look I am looking for. Brass nail heads trim the arms and along the bottom. Love that! And the timeless throw? I purchased that many years ago, it is cotton, washable, soft
and it is a creamy aged white. A little here and a little

(My design, graphics from Graphics Fairy. Saying? can't remember!)


  1. Hello Linda,
    I know what you mean. The white couch could be a problem, kids/pets, yikes!

  2. So beautiful, but nope wouldn't work here. :)

    You have a lovely blog.


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