Sunday, April 17, 2011

White Linen and Going Back Home

My white linen days,
and lavender fields.

Sometimes I like to reflect on my past blogs.

A badge someone made for my pretty little blog.

I have evolved. Really I like to change my blog now and then.
I know, it confused people when they stop by and see.
No more 'White Linen, Lavender Fields', no more
'Robin's Egg Blues'. Maybe I'll skip back.
I still have all the followers but who has time to change
their url for the many blogs that one follows?
I still like change. Hubby would come home from work
after a long day and walk in the living his
surprise I 'changed' the furniture around
sometimes 2 times in a month. No more since we are both getting
a little older and we just don't want to trip over furniture.

Our old stomping ground. The city park in a quaint town
in southeast Wisconsin, the lighthouse on Lake Winnebago.
My mom's little rose bush. Dad's garden. A little snip of the Wolf River. We use to take bath's there when we were kids. Gasp! You used 'soap' in the river??? We washed our hair too. :)

Lots going on at Queen Bee Cottage.
Grandkids coming and going, dropping off, picking up
children. And getting a little creativity in.
The teacup pin cushion was fun to do.
Little creamy quilted clutch was
part of the giveaway that Kate won from

Thanks so much for stopping by......

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  1. Great post - I love your white linen mosaic. It is so beautiful and delicate!

  2. Fun! The white linens and the lavender fields are gorgeous!
    Change is good for all of us. ;-)
    ~ Sarah

  3. I like your mosaics because they are so unique! I love pretty linens.

    I am visiting from Mosaic Monday.

  4. Love....your dreamland here.... I feel like I could just melt into your photos....maybe that is what I need!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. white linen, lavender, beautiful china and change ... all sound good to me!

  6. The linens and lavender are gorgeous! We live in ND and drive through WI now and is the most beautiful state!

  7. A great mosaic. I had not thought of linens but I love it. This is my first visit. Some beautiful photos. I feel like I will be back again. I love to change my blog look every season. Blessings

  8. White linen is a favorite of mine. What a pretty mosaic.

    I love rearranging furniture, but in this house, things work best the way they are, so I content myself with rearranging the accessories. My husband is thrilled!

  9. I love the lavender and that great old barn! I'm enjoying your blog! So many things that I like! Happy Monday! Enjoy your day! ♥

  10. All wonderful photos. . .but the barn/with
    lavender in front is awesome!

  11. white linen and lavender - sounds dreamy. I love my lavender beds. The smell is intoxicating. Thank you for coming to my blog, it was lovely to hear from you. Have a wonderful week.

  12. Swoon...white linen and lavender! So dreamy :)

  13. My favorite things - white linen and lavender. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Hello Linda!
    I had the best time pouring over yoru mosaics. So beautiful, and as we are still getting snow, your beautiful flower pictures are keeping me going right now!

    I LOVED the clutch! It is exquisitely created, thank you! Made my rather dreary day to hear my son say, "Mom you have a package." And the tags are perfect too!

    Have a beautiful Easter, and I enjoyed your trip back home! Thanks for sharing, give your beautiful grandkids a big hug!

    I take it from your


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