Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

It's good to be home. I do miss my sister already.  Yup, after skipping the big storm in
Chicago, I am looking forward to going back to Wisconsin in June. Minutes after we lifted off the ground
6,000 flights were grounded in the midwest and parts of the east. Annette, I am so glad you are home safe.
We are home with our prospective families, it is a relief. The weather channel is calling it 'February Fury'.  The snow was beautiful as we made our way through the Menomonee Indian Reservation. I'll have more photos for you tomorrow. I am pooped.


  1. Welcome Back Home Linda!

    What a beautiful picture you have of the snow covered trees! Looks like something out of the movies. Snow is beautiful isn't it! But it's cold and causes a lot of problems! I'm glad you had a great time visiting family!


  2. Welcome back, Linda! Can't wait to hear about your trip.

  3. So glad you are home safe and sound with all this snow we have been having. It does make for beautiful pictures though, doesn't it? Hope you had a wonderful time visiting family, and that you shared wonderful visits with your parents.

  4. Beautiful picture...sad heart. Being away from loved ones is really hard.

  5. Goodness! So glad you're home safely and had a visit with loved ones. I spent far too short a time with Be-Loved Sistah, Mom and Daddy this past weekend. Far too short to sustain me for long.

  6. Welcome home Linda! I missed you. I am glad you are well and safe. Air Traveling is not as much fun as it used to be, its just faster, did you get Xrayed? Strip searched? LOL !!
    I kept checking to see if you returned, then life got crazy her. So I am catching up a little. We are closing on a house on the 19th, packing and trying to stay off the computer.
    Wow, that photo of the snow is intensly amazing. We only got half an inch...but its a bit cold this year. Global warming,,uh huh right...Al Gore has dissapeared...nufsaid.


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