Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friends and Family...

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Lisa's Tarnished and Tattered blog is a wonderful place for me.
Stop by and enter her giveaway. Her blog is beautiful!

Take a look at these little beauties. Yes, they are a pale robin's egg blue. Real chicken laid
eggs from a farmer down the road. A couple are pale pink, green and robin egg blue. I thought they were
adorable and had to snap some photos and bring them home. Good ole' Wisconsin farm fresh
eggs. My sister gently put them in her Watt bowl and made these sweet vignettes for me to
They are laid from a chicken! LOL.
Annette's little grandson.
Going out.
A's oldest daughter, Erin. 'Let Them Eat Cake'!
A makes this Texas brownie cake that is out of this world
This is where we are all having a family gathering in June.
A time for family, laughing, love, children, grandparents, brothers,
sisters, moms and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins, and don't forget the FOOD!
The grass will be green, the trees will be swaying in the lake breezes. Our house on the lake for
a week. The house overlooks the beautiful lake of the little village.
These are the two people that started it all....
My sweet mom and dad.


  1. The colored REAL fresh eggs are great!!!

  2. Those eggs are so pretty! I had no idea they could be in all those colors!

  3. What a nice looking family you have and the eggs are perfect for Easter!


  4. What happy Photos, and a lovely post.

  5. I love the eggs! The colors are beautiful!

    I loved those glasses that Erin was wearing!


  6. Your parents look so in love! Those eggs are so pretty I wouldn't want to break the shells. I saw Tattered & Tarnished just the other day and bookmarked that blog. Lovely place!

  7. those are the most adorable eggs ever...what color is the chicken? I wonder if its the breed or the feed.

  8. Now, how did God know we would be drooling over his eggs one did you blow them and save some shells?
    Wonderful photos of family and home. There is no place like home. In 5mo you will be back...and no snow! I hope your parents are well.
    Yes Cheryl is special...indeed.

  9. So glad you had a lovely trip. Of course, no visit to WI is complete without some snow, which we have all been experiencing.

    Thank you for sharing photos of those you love

  10. Although I have 2 hens that lay pale green eggs I found I knew very little when I read this...

    Your photos are lovely. :)

  11. Oh those eggs!!! How long can eggs sit on the counter before they smell? I would never use them. Your Mommy & Dad are so cute, you are very lucky to have them in your life. Family reunions are the best fun, we had one in CA last year. Thanks for posting my giveaway, I'm having so much fun seeing new wonderful blogs like yours. Lisa

  12. Hi Sweet Linda,
    I almost didn't recognize you in the picture! (giggle, giggle as it was the first picture of you I had seen...) And the adorable creature on your lap looks as if she was having the time of her life cuddling with you... Too sweet.

    I love your eggs, and love all the various colors. You were lucky to get many different colors at once! Somehow a fresh eggs just tastes so much better. I am craving that brownie cake as my oven still doesn't work, what I wouldn't give to whip up a batch of heart-shaped chocolate chips cookies right now...

    Your parents are adorable, and I'll bet you can't wait for June and that wonderful house on the lake! Thanks for visiting my site and leaving such sweet comments, I so appreciate every one of them. Enjoy your Valentine's weekend, one day of love is just not enough!

  13. Yep love those eggs! Laid by chickens named Araucanas or nicknamed Easter Egg Chickens. I would love to have some if I lived out someplace that would allow them. Beautiful!

  14. Anonymous16.2.10

    So glad that you made it home safe and sound. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the fam. Good pic of the Queen Mum and her King!!!! :)
    And of course we can't forget the precious pearl and her 'new' little poop in the pants--hehehehe!!
    Hope you accomplished alot, you must of wore out the precious pearl, because I haven't heard from her...
    take care, and love to all the fam


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