Saturday, January 30, 2010

Have Lots To Do...

Up at the crack of dawn!
The sunrise and sunsets here in the southwest are some of the most
beautiful I have seen. This one was taken this morning and lasts from
5 to 7 minutes. So I ran out in my robe and slippers with camera in
hand and snapped these two photos. I looked up from my pc and this is what
I saw! WOW.
Amazing sunrise.
My sister, Annette, will see her little Valentine and stash, but that's ok.
These were made last evening, one for A and one for our mother. On A's
I added a heart charm and Harley motorcycle charm, they love
their Harley!  Mom's Valentine has a little heart and tiny Singer sewing machine
charm. Mom use to sew all of our clothing when we were kids. She did my wedding dress,
some bridesmaid dresses and countless other projects. My daughter was their first grandchild and mom
made a one year old dress, coat, and bonnet. She also made little Jennifer's bedroom quilt, curtains, pillow
sham and other accessories. Little Jennifer isn't so little anymore, she'll be 37 on St. Patrick's day! Eeeeeek!
My sister is the best sister in the whole wide world. We use to call her
'precious pearl' when she was little. Remember Annette? he he he
Hope I can get these charms through security Tuesday morning.


  1. Ok, I got it straight now. YOu haven't left YET. I have made that exact flight oh, so many times, except going on to Detroit. I hope your parents are doing all the charms...
    brrr. you are going to be cold!!

  2. Hi, Friend...
    Such beautiful Valentines and charms. I'm sure your heartfelt work will be appreciated. Safe travels.

  3. Hello,
    beautiful Valentine cards. And the fotos of the sunrise are amazing. Your post with the chiffon blooms inspired me so much, I thought they were so beautiful! This week I tried to do them myself, it was so fun! You can see the result on my blog if you like.

  4. Really beautiful the accessories in your photos and all the inspiration surrounding it...lovely.

  5. What beautiful valentines and so very special for your loved ones.

    They are going to love it.

  6. Precious Pearl. Can't imagine a more beautiful name to be called by.

  7. I am crazy about these lovely charms. Sea Witch

  8. Stunning sunrise and what a treasure trove of gifts.

  9. You do such beautiful work! That sunrise is a nice piece of work, too! Have a good trip!

  10. Anonymous30.1.10

    Okay! First of all... I love the sunrise! And I LOVE my Valentine! The motorcycle charm is the best ever!!
    Now, for all of you who have never met my sister, I need to tell you that she is a very special person! My best friend! I wish everyone could have a sister SO special.

    I can't wait to see you, only a few more days!!
    ~Love, your "Precious Pearl"!

  11. Hey Linda!

    I'm so glad that you went out and took those pictures this morning! They are absolutely breathtakenly beautiful! You should frame them!

    Your sister and mother are going to love their bracelets! Just gorgeous!


  12. gorgeous pics, thanks for visiting me today!

  13. What amazing sky picutres...those colors are beautiful. I am loving those charms too!


  14. Oh yes, I am having a wonderful weekend. Went to an out-of-town wedding yesterday, and it was a lot of fun. I do hope you are able to get your pretties through security with no problems also. I am thinking your troubles are going to come when the TSA's need to see what is causing the detector to go off. You will take them out to show them, and will be inundated with compliments and "let me see" so long that you will have to run to catch your plane!

    My mom made the dress I wore on my first day to kindergarten, she embroidered a sweet donkey on the front, the embroidery was very lavish, oh how I wish she had saved that one!

    Have the most wonderful time in Wisconsin, it is warming up just in time for you!

    And love your sunrise pictures.

  15. Oh, What a wonderful sunrise from the creator, only real artist,,,takes your breath away.
    I think the hugs will be long when you arrive, that is good. take photos! Im sending some angels with you.

  16. Anonymous1.2.10

    Sure hope you have safe travels to see the Queen Mother, Eileen and your little Precious Pearl, Nettie!!!
    I so love seeing all of your projects!! Thanks so much for sharing. Maybe I will be able to see you when you come home,

    Love to all,

  17. Hi Linda,
    If you don't mind, I linked to your flower tutorial in my post today. I am using your flowers for everything now! Hoping you have a wonderful trip back home!

  18. Your sister is one lucky girl!!!! Those charms are amazing. And the photos of the snow..... awe inspiring but, darn I'm glad I don't live there. I thought we were having cold & dreary weather here in Texas but, compared to those photos we are balmy. Have fun. Charlene

  19. Whoa! What a sunrise! Beautiful. Nice gifts too.

  20. What a gorgeous sunrise and a bounty of silver charms! They are beautiful..what a generous sister and Mom you have!

    Miss Bloomers

  21. Hi Linda! Great as always to hear from you. I did get Gale's web address thank you. I feel like a bad blog friend because I haven't sent out your present yet. I will soon though....

    Those photos are amazing!!! I don't ever seem to catch those perfect sunrises.

    Have a safe trip!
    My Desert Cottage

  22. I made some robin's eggs for a project yesterday, and it made me think of you and your beautiful blog...which I have a "blog crush" on...haha! Have a wonderful day!

    Blessings, Grace

  23. I have never seen a sunrise like it, thats just breathtakingly beautiful.

  24. the photos were breathtaking...thanks for getting up at the crack
    of dawn!

    your sister and mom are very special to receive such lovely

  25. The sunrise is a special morning gift and I am so glad you shared it with us. I hope you have a safe and very blessed trip to WI, and I know your sister and mom will be ever so happy to receive their Valentine gifts!

  26. What a beautiful shot of the sunrise - I love the purple in it!


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