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A Sailor and His New Bride

August 18th, 1951, a sailor married a little lady
from northern Wisconsin.
They were acquainted with each other most of their childhood
but not on a romantic level.
He was home on leave, she was visiting home in a little
village called White Lake, Wisconsin.
After a very short engagement, they
were married by a judge
in Antigo.
After their marriage, the sailor quickly
but hesitantly traveled back to his ship
in Long Beach, California.
He was stationed on the USS Chikaskia in Long Beach, 1951.
Original photo of USS Chikaskia 054
Everyday for a couple of months he wrote to his beloved.
She was 20 and her sailor was 23.

While home for the funeral, my daughter and I were with my sister, Annette, in mom's room. Because we live so far away, my sister had taken on the task of sorting through all my mothers worldly possessions, what to keep and what to donate. Dad mentioned to us to feel free and take what you like of mom's for keepsake. Annette opened a drawer and pulled these
letters out. We noticed the dates on each letter.
Later, Annette showed dad and he gently opened them and started to read.  You can imagine his reaction after reading a few.
He knew she had his letters and that she had saved all of them for all of these years.
Mom saved many of the letters she recieved from him:
His 4'11" little lady lived in Milwaukee,
working at the time.
Notice the post mark.
The date says Oct. 6, 1951.
Our hearts melted when we saw
the ship, city of port, and the date.
61 years saving a little stack of treasures.
After moving into our new home near
White Lake in the late 60's, I opened a box
in the basement and pulled out these letters.
My mother was upstairs so I went to the bottom of
the steps and told her about the letters.
Without a word, she ran down and scooped them
up and tucked them away.
They were very near and dear to her heart.
Check out the 6 cent air mail stamp!
A sailor and his new bride.
August 18, 1951.
After returning to Wisconsin to scoop up his bride,
they made their way to Memphis, TN. where dad
was transferred and stationed.
There was another milestone in this city.
In 1952, a little baby girl was born and they named her Linda.
And so their life began, with more moves, more ships,
more housing, and two more children, Kenneth (born in Great Lakes, IL.)  and Annette (born in Sanford, FL.)
All those years my mother never complained.
She made friends that have lasted a lifetime.
Audrey Plaskett, (Norfolk, VA.), Flo, (Sanford, FL.)
Pat Graham, and so many more.
She made a home and memories that will last forever.
She kept her home and raised their daughters and son.
She loved her sailor and he loved her.
It was what they did then and now.
Each time we talk with our dad he has new stories
and times him and mom shared.
Little things and big things, but why is it the little things
seem as big as the big things? :)
Because every moment counts and they are all good things.
Christmas, 1960 with Linda, Mike, and little Annette.
(Norfolk, VA)
A sailor and his bride 2010.
It is my hope you enjoyed this journey
of my parents and their life.
You see, to me, it is all about love
and memories.  On my mother's headstone
her dates read born: March 9, 1931 - died: December 3, 2012.
Notice the 'dash'?
These last 4 posts in QBC are in essence what
was in her 'dash'.
What will be in your 'dash'?
A truly inspiring story.
Many Blessings,
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  1. Oh Linda. What a beautiful post about your mama...I am so sorry for your loss sweet friend. It's all about the dash, isn't it? Sounds like your mama had a wonderful dash...especially if she had you! hugs and love, Dawn

    1. Hi Dear Dawn,

      Thanks for stopping by QBC the other day. I'm so slow in getting back to people here. Many blessings to you and your family.


  2. What a wonderful post, so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing.
    lots of hugs

    1. Thanks Wendy for your kind thoughts.


  3. What a lovely post and a beautiful tribute to your parents love xxx

    1. Hi Lyn, Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet thoughts.

  4. Anonymous3.1.13

    Linda so sorry of your loss and thanks for putting this so we can read this it is a beautifuly put together thanks for sharing the love they had. Miss you guys Love, Pearl and Sam

    1. Thanks Pearl for you kindness.


  5. Linda you have a way of writing! You have summed up their lives in such a beautiful way! Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your family's lives! What a beautiful tribute- love & hugs!

    1. Thanks Cindy for your kind words and thougfulness.


  6. Annette3.1.13

    *Sniff, Sniff* What a beautiful post. After 61 years of marriage, to find these letters once again is remarkable. These letter have endured MANY moves and a fire (my parents had just moved into a apartment after retiring and had everything in storage in their garage at an apartment complex and the garages were all destroyed by fire, thankfully the letters were stored in the house!). As we are now sorting thru my mothers things to find "love" letters that are 61 years old is a "love" story in itself! Thank you Linda, for writing about this. I am glad my mother saved "things" it helps for the memories of her and our lives to live on! And who doesn't like to hear about a Sailor and his new bride's love for each other when they are so far away from each other right after being married? have the simple life back again!

  7. Annette3.1.13

    One more thing...Dad told a story how he had to borrow 1 cent to mail one of these letters because all he had was 5 cents! Awe!!!

  8. What a touching post... Your Mom would have loved the tribute. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.

  9. So sorry about the loss of your mom. What a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing:)

    1. Bless you Kathy. She was a great little lady.

  10. What a sweet post, our memories are such a huge part of our own stories! I'm sorry for the loss of your sweet Mom. May she live on for generations in the stories you pass down. Take care, dear!

    1. Thanks so much Sherry for your thoughts and kindness here. We all sure miss her a great deal.
      Many blessings to you.

  11. absolutely precious post! so glad you shared it!

  12. Precious. Simply beautiful and very touching. MJ


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