Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012....Queen Bee Cottage

...Hosted by Karen Valentine..
Stop by her blog; My Desert Cottage  and give her
a visit and all participants to see their
creative areas!
Thank you Karen!

Click on the image in the left column.

Without alot of gab here are just a few photos of my home area.
You may have seen them in previous posts.  These photos are updated.
Just a little reorganizing has been done.  Both Ron and I have had
surgeries and we are still on the mend. Nothing serious.

Things look a little better tucked away, to me.
What you don't see are tiny collections all boxed and put away.
The above storage cube was purchased at IKEA along with all of the
boxes and baskets.
Clocks are good, even if they don't work...  :)

My desk...We purchased the desk at a garage sale, the owners
claimed it was over 100 years old.  I have the 4 original chairs.

Every desk needs a good chair!

Buttons are a girls best friend!

See through coffee table...collections

Cameos, button shoe hooks, and old watch faces...Oh myyy.

Confession: when I make cards, ornaments, and things I neglect to take bad! All of these little collections I use in my crafting.
My creative space at times can be at the kitchen table, right here at my desk,
watching television, anywhere I can spend time with family
and friends.

I could go on with more photos...but you have to get on to the next
creative space!  Go visit now.... and thank you so much for stopping by..



  1. Anonymous13.7.12

    Linda such pretty pictures of your space!!
    I wish I was like you and would have restrained my enthusiasm of pictures of my space. Hopefully all will be forgiven knowing that this is my first space and time joining Karen's party and just had to show it off a bit!

    bee blessed

  2. Anonymous13.7.12

    Haven't visited in a while, glad I stopped by. Another way of connecting with you, cause I do miss you! I like looking at your "stuff"!
    Love your see through coffee table collections!

    Love your sister :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by...Love you right back all the way to Wisconsin!


  3. Hi sweet Linda! I do hope you and you husband are feeling much better and are on the mend! I LOVE your creative space and you know I love your gorgeous collections...Everything is just beautiful! Wishing you all the best, hugs and love, Dawn

  4. Wonderful the IKEA piece! The jar of buttons is fun and the shoe hooks are so pretty!
    I hope you and your husband are feeling 100% real soon!

  5. I'm so jealous! Gorgeous space! I'm envious of your see through coffee table :)

  6. Linda,
    What a nice calm-looking space. I like the emphasis on white and the tucked away look. Mine is oozing out all over the place at present, I didn't dare participate this year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Sherry. Between the phtos there are places that I couldn't take pics of. So these were so easy to 'clean up'! Hope all is well with you.

  7. Lovely colors!! Very space!! Hugs

  8. Hello Linda
    I am so glad I came to visit. I do hope you are both on the recovery list by now!
    I love your space here (as much as we can see), your work station dressed so beautifully, your little candle and treasure vignette.
    Take care and thanks for putting these images together for us to see!

  9. Oh how I love all the antique goodies! Thank you for the tour, even though you are not well... hope you are both feeling better soon Linda!

  10. Linda your space is so pretty! Love all the storage and the baskets to store your supplies in. I am linked to the party too if you care to visit my space. Hope you have a lovely day.


  11. Anonymous15.7.12

    Hi Linda!

    I love your organized space...yes...tucked away, for the most part is what I's helps to clear my mind...especially because i share my studio space with my living room!

    thanks so much for sharing your space...hope you and your hubby are on the mend and feeling better every day!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  12. Hope you are feeling better soon! Your space is lovely, the white is so serene!

  13. Love your button jar, Linda! Great clock faces, too. The Ikea cubby piece looks like it has come in quite handy for storage. I love that you can fit so many different elements in there from the baskets to the boxes. Thanks for sharing your space!

  14. Oh yes, buttons ARE a girls best friend! Thank you for sharing.

  15. How pretty Linda! Love all your lovely buttons and sweet!You have organiced all the things with a lot of love to details! Thank you for sharing, it was so inspiring.

  16. Just perfect! I love the Ikea cabinet of baskets and storage containers... I so wish I had room for something so great.

    Thanks for sharing.


  17. serenely beautiful creative haven. peaceful....loved it! merci for sharing it with us!

  18. I love the tablecloth that manages to soften even a computer. Very pretty room!

  19. Linda...your space is soooo fabulous! Now you KNOW I love it! Quietly serene and so lovely! Thanks so much for sharing with us...


    What a lovely note you have sent to me today! was SUCH a BLESSING to read your kind words and I want you to know they came on a day when I really needed to hear them. Just when I'm feeling I need to rethink doing the entire blog thingy it never FAILS that SOMEONE come by with a sweet note encouraging me to press on.

    Thank you seems so little to say to you but I'm saying it just the same. I'm so overwhemed with your kindness to me. Evidence of God's Amazing Grace.

    Blessings...and love!


  20. Absolutely dreamy! Thank you for sharing your creative space.

  21. Such a pleasure to see your beautiful studio Linda! I hope you and your husband heal up well : )

  22. Hi Linda,
    Your space is wonderful and I especially love the IKEA shelving with all the matching boxes and files. I'm finally tackling my workroom and your kind of space inspires me to keep going though I have a gazillion other more pressing projects:) this one is more fun.

    thanks again,

  23. Hi Linda. What a lovely creative space. Love all the pictures. You a very inspirational. Susan

  24. Loved the photos Linda, just beautiful. Thank you for the tour!

  25. Great space and you have nice collections! Thanks for the tour....

    Take care,

  26. Hi Linda!! I'm finally getting through the list!! Your studio looks lovely as I knew it would be. :) Thank you for joining the party again this year!!!

  27. Oh your space looks awesome! You have it decorated so beautifully!!

  28. Sorry it took me so long to get here. I am working my way through the list and trying to take the time to actually enjoy it! I loved getting to see your space and am so glad you are part of the blog hop and sharing it with all of us!

  29. Linda I had saved my favorite bloggers creative spaces and when thinking I may want to get some ikea storage I remembered seeing some .....think of my delight when I clicked on yours first. I wish I had the space to do a wall unit like yours. I'm thinking a closet office area?

    thanks for the inspiration,


  30. Simply love your space! Love the IKEA storage, just fantastic! Thanks so much for the tour. ♥ ஆ

  31. Hello My Friend,
    You have been on my mind lately, I just wanted to let you know that! Hope the recovery is over and done with by now, as I see I am long overdue in wishing you a speedy recovery. I didn't realize that things got busies the older my children got. I thought once I was done watching them, I was done watching them. Now I am watching them more than ever! Except I am sitting by myself in the bleachers!!!

    Hope you are enjoying a beautiful fall! The colors this year were somewhat muted due to a very dry summer. But I am still loving our warm days and cooler nights!

  32. I hope you and your husband are recovering well from whatever your surgery's you had. We want you to feel good and enjoy your life.


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