Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful Roses - Update

More photo editing on our roses.
These roses are from out southwest garden right now!
I've been told I should sell these to calendar companies and make up
different blooms for each month.  We'll see.

This is my untouched photo taken from our garden.
The background makes a difference in lighting,
it brought out the buds and flower in the edited

I love the look it gives. Vintage, a little crackled, old, soft, and a little
Just passing some time before my surgery.  Been doing some long
overdue cleaning in the house too.
Why is there so much dust?
Wishing all of you a blossoming spring!

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  1. Anonymous19.4.12

    Thank you so much for sweet words on my blog:) Its a shame you dont have twitter or I can follow:) Well I followed by pinterset now.
    Come back and visit soon..I have more inspiration to come:)

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis

  2. I love the photo editing you have done with your Rose. Can you point me in the direction for me to do mine? I would love to frame some of my photos done up like yours. Thanks

    1. Jeannie, has been the latest rave in online photo editing. There are several steps I did here with our garden rose. I didn't write down every step but this is the jest of it. You have to play with it in order to get that old vintage look, if that's what you want. First I used the 'dusk', then the 'soften' tool. They have a 'fade' slider in most of these tools, use it to achieve your look. Then I used the 'dark edges'. Next is the 'Daguerreotype' and you use the 'Shiro' button in this phase. The 'HDR', then the 'Gritty'. I used the fade slider for most of these tools. Like I said you have to play with it. Hope this was helpful.

    2. opps! I left out one important tool to get the crackle look and that is the very bottom it says 'new', click on that and the fourth one down it says 'edifice', click on this and go to the fifth square box that has the crackle look.

  3. Thank you for sharing how to achieve this beautiful vintage look through picmonkey. You rose is worthy of lovelymy friend!

  4. Beautiful photo editing.
    Mary Alice

  5. Oh, thanks for sharing how you did that. Love the crackle look!

  6. Anonymous23.4.12

    Thank you for sweet wors again on my blog:) If you havent been to Gothenburg, you can check out my new post:)
    I wish you a awsome week.

    LOVE Maria

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  8. I love Picmonkey! Your photos are gorgeous!


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