Friday, June 4, 2010

Giving Care~

Wisconsin could be the land of 20,000 lakes. Minnesota has 10,000, but Wisconsin's
lakes, streams, and rivers are some of the most beautiful teaming with fish and wildlife.
No wonder so many people here love the water, we have Lake Superior on the north end, Lake Michigan on the east side, the mighty Mississippi on the west and in between some of the greatest
recreational land and water in the country, not too mention the best cheese ;-)  (I had to give a nice plug for the Dairy state).

The above photo is a fairly new sign for the little village here. The little community
of White Lake was once a thriving little town with a flooring company
that employed hard working residents. Our country's unemployment is nearing
10%, but this community's unemployment is at 50%! Things are looking up as Robbins Flooring
is thinking about starting up their 3rd shift again. Slowly but surely things are on the rise again.

I arrived from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Friday, May 28th into Green Bay. I am helping my
dad care for my mother for the next several weeks. Grocery shopping, Dr. appointments, visiting, loving,
and some cooking will be my way of living for a bit. The weekends will be free and maybe I can get some photos and a few antique shops in for posts. I haven't left, just away for a short time to care for family.

Hope all of you had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend.
Be safe.



  1. Thanks for the plug about WI, I still think it is beautiful also...can't beat the cheese.

  2. Oh, even though I have been a Missourian all my life, a little girl from Wisconsin who is the daughter of my Dad's Army buddy, took me aside at ten years old and evoked a solemn vow that I would have to be a Green Bay Packer to be "considered" a friend!!! I wasn't really a big fan of anything yet, and much to my Dad's dismay, (He was a fan of the then Football St. Louis Cards)I became a devout fan. I even used to have a Green Bay Christmas tree with North woods things and Packer ornaments, and I am still a fan,.....

    too much info, huh? I hope your caregiving goes well/

  3. Take care of you too and have a great week.

  4. Visiting, loving and cooking sound wonderful. Take care and have yourself a little fun too.

  5. Don't forget to make a little time for yourself; care giving is a hard job.

  6. Hi Linda,
    I have missed you. What a blessing to be able to be there and help. The beauty of the place and the loving will sustain you. I have never been to Wisconsin and look forward to some shots of the beauty God has created in your heart home. Having the weekend is good balance.
    The time will fly, I have been through this too, with my Grandmother.

  7. Thanks for the plug for our beautiful home state! Hope it also goes well for you and your parents.

  8. Hi Linda,
    You enjoy being back home with your family. Hope your mom is well, I know both parents will be full of your hugs these next couple weeks.

    We will all be here when you get back!

  9. Enjoy visiting, I am sure they will enjoy having you. Just remember to have a little break for yourself to recharge your batteries.

  10. I just became follower #600!! Whoo Hoo!!! What a neat blog. I feel special!! ;-)


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