Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Beauty of Nature

My sister sent this photo of a black bear swimming across the Wolf River in Northern Wisconsin today. A fisherman took the image. There are alot of bear this year. That bear has to be pretty strong with the current of the river being so strong.
The following list is ever growing. When we get close to 600 I'll have a giveaway! Wow!
What kind of giveaway do you like? Pillow slip? Creative stash? Flea market finds? Give me some
feedback as to your preference. I love your comments, keep them coming!


  1. Hello, What a gorgeous photo! I love wildlife, and bear sitings are my favorite! 600 followers! That will be some accomplishment--As for a giveaway, almost anything works! You always show such pretty things. Have a great day!

  2. I love this photo! It's been hot up there lately, so I'm sure it's worse in a fur coat. ;-) Just wanted to stop in and say 'Hi'. I'll be in WI in June for a cousin's wedding. I can't wait!

  3. Nice photo! Once in a while we'll see a mother with her cubs along the side of the road. Usually brown bears.

    600 followers would be amazing! Personally, I'd definitely love a creative stash giveaway!

  4. awesome photo!

  5. We had bears at my in-law's farm in Wisconsin. We couldn't figure out why the horses wouldn't go where we wanted them too, then hunters found their den. Beautiful pic of that guy swimming! I know you are getting anxious to go back home for a visit!

  6. i wouldnt have been stayin around to snap a pic.....i woulda been leavin a dust trail outta there! lol



  7. Flea Market finds!!

  8. Flea market finds!

  9. beth3.6.10

    WOW 600 amzaing!!!
    Hope I get to see you while you are here!!

  10. I love that picture of the bear swimming! What a great shot! And a gorgeous one too. I would love to be standing there watching him.
    Hmmmmm . . . or her. :) LOL
    600 followers! that is amazing! How do you keep up with everyone - I'd be pulling my hair out!
    I love your blog design! Karen just recently did a button for me - she is just the best.
    I vote Creative Stash! We can never get enough stuff! LOL!
    Have a wonderful weekend! karen

  11. 600 ! WOW !
    What a great shot, I wish I had been there. I can just hear the water.
    Anything you put together will be wonderful I am sure. I personally love old paper copies. Oh I know,,fresh fish,,trout is my fav.LOL

  12. Love the photo of the bear swimming across. They are magnificent creatures to watch. But, I sure don't want to surprise one or have one surprise me. Doesn't it baffle you how the signs say "Don't feed the bears" & what do we silly humans do? FEED THE BEAR! As for the give away... Love the vintage lace, buttons & bobbles. Charlene


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