Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Few Photos from Back Home ~

Old Farm Machinery

The pines in this dense woods of northern Wisconsin
will stand for a long time because of a mother.
The above says: 
"In the early 1900's, Lucy Ramsey Holt brought her children here to teach them prayers
and Bible stories. These pines and hemlocks seemed to her a sacred place. She named it Cathedral
Woods and persuaded her husband, the president of Holt Lumber Company to preserve it.
Because of her, this stand of virgin timber was never logged."
Many of these pines seem to be at least 60 feet tall maybe taller.

Being here was almost like walking in a sort of Jurassik Park
atmosphere. We heard birds we've never heard before. The canopy
from the trees cast a dusky tropical forest feel. The floor of the woods was
clear of debris and seemed almost 'lanscaped'. The only clearing
was a dirt road good enough for travel with any vehicle.
It really was a pristine forest.
The whole atmosphere was surreal.
The pristine path led to much taller trees.

I'll have more photos tomorrow.
Don't forget about my giveaway. I'm workin' on it and will have some
cool photos in a couple of days!


  1. Great photo's and wonderful story!

  2. Anonymous27.6.10

    You were lucky to have walked thru won't find too many places like that around!!!


  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely story,
    I love tree's and photograph them too.
    These are wonderful pics!!!

  4. What a wonderful place to visit, amazing that it has been left untouched, all those beautiful trees. Love blogging get a chance to see places that I am highly unlikely to be able to visit. Thank you for sharing.

  5. How beautiful and restfull,,,nothing like nature!


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