Sunday, June 27, 2010

De Moi, Pour Vous

Celebrating 600 followers with a French
theme seemed to be a good idea.  Tuesday I'll post
some pics of little gifts
De Moi, Pour Vous...
From me, to you...

Here is what you will be motivated to follow, enter, comment
and just have a great time passing the fun news:

~Hand stamped clothespins~
~Beautiful Cameo set in antiqued brass setting..ohh  la la!~
~French Lavender tucked in muslin pouches~
~French Cotton Lace~
~Gorgeous Rhinestone Buttons~

Are you squealing yet?
Well, there's more to come.
So be back here Tuesday to see photos and enter
the most fab giveaway in blogland!


  1. I ALWAYS squeal at your giveaways!!!! You are so generous and so creative!!!


  2. Sounds scrummy are too kind:) x

  3. Now this sounds exciting! Can't wait to see what lovelies you'll be offering! Know it will be wonderful. Have a wonderful Sunday!
    hugs, Sue K

  4. how exciting and I'll be back in a flash!

  5. Oh Goodie...I cannot wait. xxoo Valarie

  6. I'll squeal until Tuesday and then I'll really cut loose! See you then!

  7. You have the most beautiful blog!!!
    and you are so generous with sharing and giving. It is always a pleasure to stop by.

  8. Sounds like a lovely giveaway! Wow ! 600 followers is wonderful!

  9. Hi LInda!!
    I have been MIA, and now catching up with your world. Gosh,,,600 !!! KEwl and Congrats!

  10. Hi Linda -

    You make me laugh, you are such a tease! You always have wonderful goodies to show us.

    Elaine Allen

  11. Man oh man, your giveaways are always so fabulous! I will put this on my sidebar right away!!!
    Margaret B

  12. GASP!
    Oh my!
    What a beautiful giveaway!
    I'm already a follower. (pick me, pick me)
    Karen V just redid my blog also - and I'm LOVING it! She does such fabulous work! Yours is just gorgeous!
    Have a great day! karen

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

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