Friday, May 14, 2010

A Few Favorite Things...

These are a purchase from Home Goods.
I'm thinking about doing the master bdrm in black and white toile.

I don't own a black chandelier but this would look beautiful in a
black and white toile master bedroom.
Of course I'll show you when I am done.
The paint job is done in the spare bedroom.

Carved rose applique I painted ivory. Ivory looks yummy on
those robin egg walls.

It's a slow process for me to get things back in order.

The vintage dresser has to go back in and I have to paint the cedar chest ivory.
The bottom photo is robin egg blue garden toile. I'm making a valance,
covering the cedar chest cushion and a pillow for the bed.

I think I have too many projects in line. But it's nice to keep busy.


  1. Gorgeous room redo :-) Love the Black and white Toile too. I am mad on Boxes and those are lush :-)

  2. Love those boxes and I am going to do my bedroom in black and ivory toile. It will be fun to see the end results!

  3. I'm really loving that color scheme Linda. Can't wait to see what it looks like when you are finished. It already shows promise of looking fabulous!

    Elaine Allen

  4. Linda, this will be spectacular! I also love robins egg blue. The blue toile is very elegant!
    Have fun ~ Sherry

  5. The room is looking beautiful, can't go wrong with robins egg blue!

  6. There is absolutely nothing more classy and elegant than black and white toile! Like every woman's little black dress!

  7. He descubierto tu blog y me encanta es muy interesante! te seguiré!
    un abrazo,Olga

  8. I also love robin's egg blue. Lovely blog. I will return with a cup of tea for a longer visit.

  9. WOW kinda beautiful, Your house should be in
    a Magazine special feature I would title it......
    "Let 'Martha' Eat Cake"
    Just kidding 'Martha'....Seriously your home is so beautiful just exquisite details and color pallet

  10. Love your toile boxes from MHG! Love that store (too much)! The robin's egg blue room is gorgeous!!


  11. Ou master bredroom is robin's egg blue and you just gave me a wonderful idea for the blank space over the doors with that lovely swag. Thanks!

    Smiles, Diane

  12. Hi Linda!
    Your room looks yummie indeed. The ivory and blue are so soft together. I wish I liked to paint, I just can't for some reason...and choosing colors makes my head swim. If I had the $$$ I would hire "everything" done, especially, the house work. You have good taste and I hope you share the finished room with us.
    Happy Sunday!
    What color/brand of paint are you using?

  13. How I wish that we had a Home Goods by us! I see so many LOVELY treasures on the blogs from there.

    I read a few of your last posts and I'm so sorry about your sweet dog. We have had a couple litters of shih tzu/maltese puppies. We have an 9 month old boy from that litter that didn't sell (It was Christmas time when they were old enough to leave their mom and everyone was spending money on toys.). He's a gorgeous long hair, white/tan mix. We've been looking for someone to give him to as we already have the mom and dad dogs. Mom is pure shih tzu. Dad is pure maltese. If you are interested, we'd be happy to send him to you. Not as a replacement. Just a new friend. Feel free to email me if you would like (

    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday. Blessings.. Polly

  14. What a beautiful room! It must exude a peaceful feeling when you are there. I can hear the most beautiful music coming from there, and can imagine the best book somewhere in there. Love the mirror and the headboard looks exquisite!

    So sorry to hear about your sweet dog. It is always so hard when our pets pass away. I still miss an old rooster that I had. Not the typical pet, or at all cuddly, but this morning while I was weeding my gardens, I kept looking for him. I would imagine you are doing the same with your faithful companion. Dogs are so faithful, aren't they? Just melt our hearts.

    Enjoy your week, hopefully I will get around to blogging soon, I don't really have anything that is interesting to say and I really am more of a listener than a talker!


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