Saturday, January 2, 2010

Silver Sunday ~

Use your little mouse to scurry over to Beth's Gypsy Fish Journal. She is hosting
Silver Sunday blog party January 3 ~ February 7 2010.  On her right sidebar is the list
of people showing off their silver; tarnished, shiny, vintage, polished, flea market find, holiday silver,  Dollar Tree finds, & estate sale bargains. Here are a few of my humble
pieces, whether they be silver plate, sterling silver, or just painted silver over metal.
Some flea market finds, a couple garage sale bargains, an Ebay win,  and one purchase from
a fellow blogger. Even Brighton has silver. The photos speak for themselves. All images were taken in our backyard on an old barnboard garden bench. Enjoy!
(Click on the photos to get a better look).

My girl and boy, who are now 36 and 33. I didn't know I had kids that old... eeekkkk ;-)

See the wee children's button hook?

The lid on the Lady Primrose jar never needs polishing! Yay!

Vintage button hooks, the children's button hooks are just 3".

I didn't take the stickers off. :-)

A Mother's Day gift.

The faux silver trays were purchased @ the Dollar Tree just a couple days before Christmas.
I have a plan for these, stay tuned!

And lastly, a couple of sparkly silvery Christmas vignette's.
Hope you enjoyed my little show of Silver Sunday. Stop by next Sunday
for more Silver Sunday goodies.
Thank you for stopping by and commenting!


  1. WOW, just beautiful! I love how you have the jars filled!

    Are you making chalkboard trays? I made one and have it hanging in my workroom. Fun!!

    I never go to Dollar Tree . . I need to check them out next time I on that side of town!

  2. Oooh, How lovely ! You have a beautiful collection. Love the new banner too :) Happy New Year ! :)

  3. Linda:
    I really like all of your beautiful silver finds. Everyone needs that touch of sparkle in their lives...and your life certainly sparkles, my friend.
    Blessings always,

  4. Lovely pictures and lovly silver pieces! I was especially drawn to the soldered "L" piece hanging from the pretty bottle filled with buttons and beads :)
    Kindly, "L"dh

  5. Oh Linda,
    How beautiful everything is. I love the button hooks!

  6. OK, You win!
    Beautiful collection of stunning silver pieces....those button hooks are fabulous! Everything is so beautifully displayed and polished too! Have a shiny bright silvery Sunday
    :) Laura

  7. Wow, what a beautiful collection of silver! I just love the button hooks! They are so adorable! You have very pretty spoons too! I think we have the same petit fours server :). I have posted it today also. Happy Silver Sunday!

  8. I am in silver heaven on a ilver lining!!!
    I have always wanted some of those silver lided dresser jars. What a wonderful idea with the music note scraps and the buttons. Everything you've shown us is presented as a work of art!!

    I wanna come to your home and just take it all in.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.


  9. Love it, love it, love it, love it....did you hear me saying that as I went through each photo..well I did! Especially the button hooks and scrabble tile!
    Thanks for participating!See you next week
    {{Gypsy Hugs}}

  10. I love your silver - the button hook collection is fabulous! I'm going back to look again!

  11. OH my such fabulous silver!!! I love the little shoe hooks, I don't think I have ever seen them before!!! You have some real treasures and such a wonderful talent for displaying them. This was so enjoyable to see it all, and I can't wait to see the stuff you do with the trays!!
    Margaret B

  12. thanks for showing such a beautiful display of vintage silver so uniquely.
    I too was ooohing and ahhhhing all the way through.
    Looking forward to your "new" ideas with the trays. It will be fabulous I know.

    Your blog design is warm and inviting.

  13. Drooling here over your lovelies. I simply adore the vintage button hooks! I will have to keep my eye peeled for those. I am looking forward in seeing more of your pretties. Happy Silver Sunday...

  14. Beautiful treasures, beautiful photographs!

  15. I too, like everyone those adorable button hooks! You have such a beautiful collection and your photography of your silver vignettes is wonderful. I think now I am going to start looking for button hooks! I have enjoyed looking around on your blog! Happy Silver Sunday! Miss Bloomers/Sonia

  16. OMGosh...I am just beside myself with all your beautiful bling. Just stunning!! And, just the way I love silver...all shined up to a tee.
    I hope you saved some for next Sunday..and the next...and the....well, you get the picture. Can't wait to see what you have for us next.
    Beautiful post...and...I'm signing up to follow.
    Thanks for coming by to see me...
    xo bj

  17. beautiful, just beautiful.

    I like to keep the tags on things too. I bought a couple hamemade brooms from a third generation broom maker in the smokey mountains and I just can't take the tags off!

  18. Really beautiful photos! I especially love the buttons in the jars.

  19. wow. i am in love with your collections! your items are so stunning! the button hooks, i think, are my favorite. or maybe the vanity items, and the spoons, it is all my favorite! thanks for sharing it, it is just lovely.

  20. Linda my friend, you have outdone yourself! The silver is beautiful!!! I love the little vignettes and the photography is fabulous. Makes me want to go try again on my photos. You have inspired me for the next Silver Sunday. I love the button hooks and spoons but my favorite is the silver sugar and creamer with spoons and the scrabble creative. Enough ohhhing and aweing!
    Huggs................Linda M

  21. WOW..this is some first showing!! Those button hooks are amazing. All of your treasures are simply lovely. Thanks for sharing..can't wait for next week! xOxO Nerina

  22. The silver is all beautiful! I would love to go shopping at your house. Speaking of shopping, who knew that the dollar store had those trays. I am thinking of all kinds of projects I can do with those. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Your silver Sunday is amazing!


  24. I am sooo glad I stopped by. I haven't seen your blog since you changed the name. You have done a beautiful job.
    I have been collecting the vanity sets, too. I only have the comb left to find. My dad says there used to be a nail buffer as well. He remembers his aunt had one. Who knew?

  25. Linda, what a gorgeous post from beginning to end! Everything is just lovely and your photographs are amazing too. I love the button hooks, they're too cute!

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those trays . . . you've piqued my interest!

    Thanks so much for sharing and all the best for the New Year!

    Happy Silver Sunday!


  26. I adore silver! What a collection you have! I have a brush, comb and mirror set like the one pictured on you post. What fun! Kerrie

  27. Speechless. Just speechless. So beautiful.

  28. Oh Linda,

    I Love Your Silver Collections ~ The Old Button Hooks are Beautiful, I think they are one of My Favorites.....

  29. I love your pictures. I really want to join in, but it is kinda late. Anyways...I love those shoe button hooks. I have 2, but they are PLAIN!
    I bought those same trays from Dollar Tree. Are you going to do chaulk boards?

  30. I knew I'd find beautiful silver treasure here... thank you for sharing them with us today...

    New Year Blessings... Dixie

  31. Ok LInda, the button hooks are my favorite! You have an awesome collection of it all! Becs

  32. It's all so lovely! Twin sugar spoon to mine - do you know the pattern name? Funny you posted yours this week too! They are beautiful. I must say I am so intrigued by your button hook collection! Amazing ~ Angela

  33. What a beautiful collection of silver. My favorite are the button hooks, they are fabulous pieces.

  34. I have never seen so many button hooks in one place. Lovely pictures. thanks for participating.


  35. so many gorgeous treasures!!!

  36. Wow! You've got some beautiful silver pieces! Love all those jars and bottles and those shoe hooks are too precious!

  37. Gasp...swoon...drool! GORGEOUS silver post and I love it all, especially the silverware and the beautiful jars of buttons!!

    Thanks for your visit...I just adore your beautiful blog!!

    Love and hugs,

  38. WOW that was a silvery show and you have MORE... Love your button Hook collection.TFS on SS

  39. How pretty all you silver is. i love it with your Christmas decor. Thank you for visiting my blog. xo Joan

  40. What pretty silver things you have. I like your collection of vintage button hooks. What a fun thing to collect.

    Thank you for stopping by and also posting about my new store. It is greatly appreciated!

  41. I'm impressed! Not, to mention learning a whole heck of a lot from SS ... like you button hooks, I've seen them before, but not so ornate and in different sizes. Thanks for sharing!


  42. Love your silver displays! So beautiful. The button hooks are adorable. Take care, Riki

  43. Linda, thank you for missing me. Your comments were so sweet and encouraging. I have just gotten home from visiting my son in Iowa. I had a beautiful Christmas with 6 inches of gorgeous white snow...the perfect Christmas scene. The cold air followed me to GA and now we are to get three inches of snow on Thursday! I keep thinking "it is just one more day closer to spring"! Now I have the awesome task of visiting all of my blogger friends and need to catch up on all. I put you first on the list.
    I love the silver button hooks and all of your beautiful silver pieces.
    Happy New Year, sweet one, may you be blessed with lots of laughter and friends surrounding you.

  44. I loved all your silver!!!!!!!! Hard to choose a favorite but, those 3" childrens button hooks are amazing. I have to go back & re-look at it all. Thanks for sharing. Charlene


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