Friday, January 1, 2010

Experiment Successful!

The other day I experimented with real life 'graphics', in my world. I asked your input and
now I've chosen a good idea. I read and took into consideration 'all' of your thoughtful comments and ideas for my humble little header. Thank you all so much for your input, it helps to know you are out there and willingly give opinions and ideas! I thought the best idea came from Donna @ Brynwood Needleworks. Here is what she said in her comment:   
"I really like what you're working on these days. Here's my humble opinion...
I love your title with the sheet music, but I might add the birds' nest to the lower right corner to give it context. I also like the cameo/spoon combination, which I might add to the upper left. Perhaps the spoon bowl facing in (to the right) and the cameo hanging below it into the blog title (sort of next to the crown in that logo) I think having the red birds in the image detracts from the theme."

I liked that she wanted to use more elements in the header...
So that is what I did, only took away the fabric nest and brought in a twig nest with faux eggs and
set my aqua Royal Albert 'Enhancement' teacup and saucer with a little silver demitasse spoon in the upper left corner along with the robin egg blue cameo and shimmery aqua seam binding. Wheewwwww!
Donna, I'll send out your pretty cameo tomorrow!

My Best,   Linda


  1. It is beautiful!!

  2. Dear Linda:
    What a lovely surprise! I looked at your new header and thought, "That's what I imagined!" Then I read your post. What fun that you liked some of my ideas...and then made them even better! I love your new blog header and am so grateful for the gift you'll be sending! What a wonderful way to start the new year.
    Thank you so much!
    Love and blesings in the new year...

  3. Anonymous1.1.10

    beautiful indeed!

  4. Love the header and the teacup is absolutely beautiful! I didn't notice it before.


  5. Anonymous1.1.10



  6. This on is great. definitely a success!

  7. What a gorgeous "handmade" banner!!! I love it!! Real photos are beautiful as banners to me ~ Happy New Year sweet friend, I hope it's a wonderful one!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

  8. Anonymous1.1.10

    When I clicked on your blog. Before reading your post I thought in my hear, this is one of the prettiest blogs I watch. Then low and behold the post was on the very subject! Gorgeous header. It is very inviting, not to busy but beautiful and comforting. Wonderful blog!!!!

    Ann Flowers

  9. Anonymous2.1.10

    I love the new header. I think it is the start of a very lovely new year. Happy New Year.

  10. Wow! It's absolutely beautiful!! I love robin's egg blue... probably one of my favorite colors! You did a wonderful job! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! I hope 2010 is a wonderful year for you! Stop by any time! -April

  11. It is so pretty, a nice blend of both ideas. I admire your talent for changing the header,, I haven't figured it out yet. The photo of the cup and saucer is wonderful.

  12. Hi!!
    Your header is "perfect"!!
    When something is meant to be
    it just comes together
    beautifully doesn't it?

    Wishing you A Blessed and Joyful 2010!!
    Hugs Susan in Georgia

  13. Anonymous2.1.10

    Beautiful results!

  14. It turned out beautifully! It's nice to be able to turn to friends for help isn't it? Have a great 2010 Linda!

    My Desert Cottage

  15. Just wonderful! I love it!

  16. Linda, I love the header. What a great idea Donna had! I enjoyed reading some of your past posts and I have become a follower.

    Huggs..............Linda M.

  17. Donna is an artist. I'd listen to that woman myself!

  18. Bang on beautiful! Very nice look for the New Year. All the best.


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