Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Experimenting ~

Since I'm not a graphics artist or have no knowledge of that area at all, I rely on
my own techniques for creating things on my blog. I have posted these photos with my blog title.
My question is, could you help pick out your fav possibility for a header or do you like the one
I've created and used at the top of my blog? The above photos need to be tweeked and adjusted here and there. If you are at all interested I could make one for your blog with your title and color combo. They are completely homemade. There is nothing like it on the world wide web.
Here is what you can do:
Post here which of these header possibilities you prefer for my blog.
I'll pick one, maybe 2 and send you each this cameo necklace for you to use
in whatever way you like. Wear it, use in your art, use it any way you wish.
(Sorry no international comments, postage is incredibly expensive)
One or two cameos will be sent out to the commenter that I choose.

Just a thought: I know you'll be honest in letting me know if you
like or dislike any of the above images. My feelings won't be hurt.


  1. I like them all, including the one in the banner, but I'm very partial to the 4th one you've shown. You're quite talented! Happy choosing!

  2. Hi Linda;
    I really like what you're working on these days. Here's my humble opinion...
    I love your title with the sheet music, but I might add the birds' nest to the lower right corner to give it context. I also like the cameo/spoon combination, which I might add to the upper left. Perhaps the spoon bowl facing in (to the right) and the cameo hanging below it into the blog title (sort of next to the crown in that logo) I think having the red birds in the image detracts from the r.e.blue theme.
    Hope my input adds some helpful food for thought.
    Hugs and Happy New Year, my friend.

  3. As a musician, I am always partial to something with sheet music...I especially love it with the robins, specifically #4.

    I am new to your blog..found you Christmas week and I am so glad I did!

    Hope you will stop by and peek in The Open Window...would love to have you say hello!

  4. I like the one with the spoon... (except that tiny shadow that it makes) I know... tweaking! :)
    I don't like the one with the stripes... I don't think it suits you. It isn't... pretty enough.
    I really like the 4th one too.

    Cameo... classy, refined and elegant. I have my Grandmother's... I cherish it so.


  5. Hi!

    I really like all of them but my absolute favorite is the one with the spoon and cameo.

    I can't scroll back up to look at the pictures again b/c my laptop freezes with blogs that have snow on them, but I think there's a background with stripes, I like the stripes. I can't remember what background there is with the cameo header.

    Happy New Year!


  6. Talk about a hard decision! I like them all but I agree with Donnas suggestion. Whatever you decide will be lovely.
    Your very talented why don't you display your work on my Temptation Mondays.
    I love these cameos too. Beautiful
    Thanks for commenting on my bedspread. I love it too
    Happy New Year!

  7. I love the background with the spoon. Now, understand...I am NOT a less is more kind of girl....but that is my favorite!

  8. They all are very nice, but my favorite it the very last one. I love how the cherubs are looking down over the blog title. Happy deciding!

  9. I love the third and the sixth headers. The third is simple and soft. The fourth is elegant, and, well, I just love birds!

  10. I adoooore the birds, and it is sooo appropriate for your blog title. I love the aged colors of #1 and# 4, but also like the bird, cherub combo in 6, but maybe with the cream instead of white on the card. In any case, you are very very talented!

  11. And by the way, your blog always looks gorgeous....it makes my heart smile every time I look at this luscious color!

  12. Wow,what wonderful banners you have created. I like them all but the last one best. I think the one you are using now is beautiful but a little too yellow in tone compared to the rest of your gorgeous blog.

  13. I think you are doing a wonderful job creating these!

    I love #4 with the birds the best.
    It is soft and muted colors.
    Would be even more perfect if there were not quite so much pink in the birds, but, it is still my fave!!

    Good luck choosing.
    I know it is hard, but hey, you can always change it again later. Nice you have the ability to do that. I sure would not know where to start.


    barbara jean

  14. I like the one with the silver photo corners with the birds beneath. I like the contrast in colors! I love the colors of all of them! I think the spoon one has a little too much going on, but I like elements of it. Good luck choosing!!

  15. Ok.. I am going against the grain... I am oicking the one with the sheet music.. I just think it is Classic.

    They are all beautiful... the first one came close for me too though..
    Best to you..no matter what you choose, it always looks divine! (as I turn green with envy...)

  16. Why do you want to change a perfect thing? I know, we all need to mix it up a bit! #4 fits your blog just right - elegant and says it all. But I also like #5 - simple yet classy. You have wonderful ideas and a good eye! Come and fix up my header please!

  17. Hi, Just discovered your blog.Love it. About the header..I like your header but incorporating the birds would be nice but right now Im into birds..anyway I struggle with trying to figure out how to do all this. Love all your projects..I will certainly be back.I usually put on my favorite blogs on my favorites..so yours will go there..if I can figure out what I did before I will put yours on my blog..Oh do you just take a pick of things you like then put in header?? Sorry Im so illiterate..sally

  18. I tend to follow the philosophy that more is more! So I like a combination of the first and second ones. I really like the banner in the first pic because I think it gives a nice contrast to your background plus I like all the goodies in the second pic. (Maybe throw something cool in there too by adding a bird silhouette cut out of sheet music) So, there you go... my humble opinion. Have a fabulous New Year!!!!

    My Desert Cottage

  19. I adore them all, but my favorites are number one and number two. They seem to capture your elegance and style quite well. And, I hope you will add all the pictures off your old header to your sidebar for us? They were all so beautiful, I came here MANY times just to drool over them all... I am missing that beautiful fabric!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful, wonderful REB Christmas!

  20. The banner is quite nice as is the one with spoon and cameo. You're doing an amazing job and difficult to believe you don't have graphic designer background. The colors are peaceful but, please, keep in mind the darker and more distracting the background, the more difficult to read.

  21. Oh sweet one...The depth of "Real" objects, that is the key!I miss your mosaic banner,,it was rich, rich with treasures, and your palette. God provides many treasures and photos of treasures,,,,I would look forward to seeing if you found another one at each visit. The cameo on the ribbon IS you!
    Ok, well that is just my opinion. I will love you even if you goof it up. lol

    We get to close to our own creations to be objective,,,listen for the warmth that comes..you will know..trust that.

  22. They are all beautiful! You are so incredibly talented!! I think my favorite one is the 4th one with the birds! SO pretty!! OR the 6th one with the cherubs in the background! Sooooo elegant and classy!! LOVE'em!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  23. I'm so sorry for the expensive postage. If I can make it up to you, please let me know!


  24. I like #4, but maybe the color on the card needs to be tweaked a little - or it could be the photo. I really like #5, because I tend to go for "clean and simple"- go see my blog header (I can't even do photos yet- hahahah).

  25. I'm from Canada, so don't count me in, but I had to comment... They are all lovely, but I like the last best. I'd like it better with the text part straightened out, and embellish with some of your wonderful items like the cameos and such (how about feathers?), to give it the unique 3D look. Best of luck with it.

  26. I love the one with the spoon and cameo and the last one....though they're all BEAUTIFUL!

  27. What a beautiful blog you have!

    Happy New year!

  28. Such beautiful pictures. Very well done.

  29. mary from michigan1.1.10

    for not being a graphic artist, you're very artistic! i love, love, love them all, but especially the ones with robin's and robin's eggs. so sweet.

  30. I like the one you have at the top of your blog it's beautiful great work.


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