Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009~A Year in Review

Stop by Cindy's My Romantic Home to join 2009~A Year in Review. Visit everyone's blog
and see the progress and reviews of this year!
It's fun to go back and see the progress made when you've been blogging for a while.
For me, it's just been 8 1/2 months. April 19 I typed out my first post. So looking back, there have been changes for the better. Even my photos have improved. Before 'Robin's Egg Blues', I had the title; 'White Linen ~ Lavender Field'. I still love Lavender and the color.

This is one of my old headers above.

My badge that was made by a fellow blogger.
I still love it. Thank you Cathe Holden @ Just Something I Made! I purchased a spot on her blog for a
couple of months to promote WLLF and she volunteered to make this badge.

Collection of white linen mosaic. I had posted this back in June.

My trip to Wisconsin in July was so fun and seeing all of my people was
refreshing. Click on the mosaic to enlarge and get a better view. The photo on the top right is my dad's garden. All of his gardens are lush and produce
the best organic vegetable. If you click on the mosaic you see their little grape vine trellis. The reflection
of trees in the water is a tiny snippet of the beautiful Wolf River. The pretty roses are my mother's. An old schoolhouse used for town meetings in a little town in northern Wisconsin. The old road with the canopy of trees is part of the Nicolet National Forest. The old lighthouse overlooks Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac.

My Creative Space, hosted by Karen Valentine @ My Desert Cottage;
 'Where Bloggers Create'. That was a blast back in July! It motivated me to
carve out a little space to craft and gather all of my things
and put them on display. Most of my furniture here is vintage, the hutch is in need of
some sanding and white paint.

A post done on my great Aunt Lottie's homestead in northern Wisconsin, showed
photos of their old log cabin and some of her yard. The above photo is upstairs, her brass bed
has the vintage old look and so does the coloring in the photo.

Then I decided White Linen~Lavender Field needed a change.
So 'Robins Egg Blues' came in. The Tiffany blues, aquas, and robin's egg blue
have soothed and calmed the inner beast. These colors really are relaxing. I am inspired to paint a couple of rooms in these beautiful blues.

Mosaic Christmas headers, used this month. To me blogging is all about
creating, finding a place to relax and read, gain some insight and kick back some.

Robin's Egg Blues first giveaway was so successful!
So I did another giveaway that proved successful as well.
Thanks to all who commented!

One of the best parts of blogging are keeping in touch with family and friends made here. There were many posts about family and life in general. As well as new crafts and techniques.
I could have posted here a mile long...
Thank you for coming by and commenting.
May all of you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!
Happy Blogging!


  1. Isn't it fun to see how blogs evolve. I have enjoyed getting to know yours in the short time I have followed...I love the photos and the yummy colors of the robin's egg blue!

    Happy New Year from The Open Window to YOU!

  2. Love your post and site. Just stopped by to wish you a very Happy New Year.

  3. the picture are gorgeous!
    Happy New Year!

  4. Tiffany blue is an exciting color. I can see why these are your favorite pictures. This is a lovely post!

    Happy New Year!

  5. I've enjoyed seeing all your beautiful photos! Happy New Year.

  6. Lovely Mosaics, I am kind of into them these days. Wonderful post! It has been so nice to get to know you too, I look forward to the New Year,seeing yours and all the blogs evolution and magic.
    God Bless!

  7. my oh my.. love all your mosaics.. all are so beautiful. white & blue.. just lovely.. and lavender is one of my fave too!.. happy new year!

  8. Very first visit...I'll be back! Love your craft room and those linens are just too pretty!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Anonymous31.12.09

    My what pretty mosaics- I do love your robin egg blue and it is making me think I need to have more blue in my home. Hum maybe next years review will look different!

    Praying your 2010 brings many more pretty memories!


  10. Your blog is always gorgeous, no matter what color! It comes from your soul and it shows.
    Have a very healthy and happy New Year!

  11. All the best for 2010! I look forward to watching your blog continue to evolve, and enjoying the wonderful photos and mosaics.

  12. Beautiful Year End Review mosaics! Wishing you a Very Happy New Year ♥

  13. Happy New Year and many Blessings for 2010.

    LuLu Kellogg

  14. Anonymous31.12.09

    Absolutely beautiful post!

    Happy New Year.

  15. Lovely memories of a year gone by -- you have accomplished a lot since April!
    Love the lavender, but the blues are scrumptious.

  16. Love your blog and beautiful mosaics.. Hoping you do another giveaway..Love the stuff you put together.. Happy New Year to you.. Much happiness and success in your blogging adventures.

  17. I just love the Wisconsin pictures. My favorite aunt was originally from there.

  18. Beautiful!!!!! I am so glad to have found you after your give away. I love your style & your blog. I think I am going to add you to my sidebar so I can keep up with what you have to share. THANKS! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Charlene

  19. I'm crazy with your pictures. So beautiful!

  20. Pretty, pretty, pretty! That is what I think every time I stop by. Sending very Happy New Year wishes!

    Kindly, ldh

  21. Your blog is so beautiful! I put on the speakers to get the full experience. I love listening to blogger's playlists. Yours is wonderful.

    Love your mosaics. Wisconsin looks gorgeous, I have never been there. Wow, you have a nice creative space to work. A great place to let your creativity flow. And all of the robins egg blue! It's one of my favorite colors.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and best wishes for the New Year.

  22. Oh, how beautiful! I just love your mosaics! I will definitely be back to visit!

  23. I love your post. It's so sweet and very inspiring to me too as a new blogger.I started my blog in March. I too fell in love with blogging and find it sooo relaxing. The photo of your great aunts bed reminds me of my grandfathers bedroom. I loved the way the sunlight spilled in and cast a golden shine on everything. I looked around your blog and fell in love. You have a new follower! I can't wait to see what 2010 brings for you!

  24. Beautiful mosaics! Love all the blue!


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