Monday, November 23, 2009

The Finest White Gold Glitter ~

Over the weekend I invested in some good glitter. I have German Glass glitter but you can't use it for everything. So Martha Stewart has what I believe is the best super fine White Gold glitter. Among her other colors are blue topaz, turquoise, and ivory tinsel glitter. I am still glittered with the fine stuff. It's everywhere, but I like it. These ornaments are repurposed cd's. On the one side are digitally softened images of Christmas angels and the other side is Robin's Egg Blue damask. The hanger is ivory pearl seam binding, and yes, those are real glass prisms with gold metal connectors.  My camera didn't capture the true Robin's Egg Blue. I tried to 'fix' it in my photo editing but it wouldn't work. Anyway, I'm thinking about selling these. The photos really don't do justice.
If you would like one, email


  1. Thanks for sharing about the MS white gold glitter--I'm a glitter fiend!!! I love glass glitter, but you're right---can't use it for everything! I'll be off looking for this new glitter today--thanks so much! Your ornaments are just beautiful!!!

  2. I was just thinking the other day I needed to find some good glitter, not the kind I used in my classroom, but the pretty stuff. Thanks for sharing! These are adorable!

  3. Oh so pretty. I did a post today about vintage glass glitter, I found a complete set of all different colors in tiny bottles this summer at a yard sale, judging by the packaging I'd say probably from the 40's. Anyway I love the glitter on your ornaments. Have a sparkly day!

  4. I love them! Very pretty, and I love that you were able to re-use the CD's. I adore the Martha Stewart glitter, love the vintage glass glitter, but I tend to hoard the good stuff, where as Martha Stewart glitter can be found on just about everything in my house. Including my family...

  5. Oh my ,,,just fabulous,,,the images are soft and beautiful.
    ps..I had glitter in my spagetti one evening. I got the look over the top of his glasses...we had a good laugh. Its a Good Thing. :)

  6. Oh WOW what a lovely blog you have! Your creations are adorable, I will have to check out that glitter.

    Happy Holidays

  7. Charming ornaments. A great use for old cds.

  8. Beautiful! I just love your style!

    Blessings, Grace

  9. Hi Linda. I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving. I just had to let you know these are the first CD redo I've loved. These are beautiful but everything on your blog always is!

    Hugs...Tracy :)


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