Monday, June 29, 2009

L@@K !!!

A couple of weeks ago Donna, from Brynwood Needleworks blog, had an ATC swap. I finished my card for her and sent it right away and she sent these little gems. The first one is cute as a buttom with my little Lavender fairy she sweetly added to her handmade card. Notice the 'Fairy magic sparkles in nature'. Her little ATC is like a tiny quilt, how cute is that? What you can't see are tiny beads fixed to the quilted fabric. A pretty creamy ribbon fixed to the left of the card. The card is likened to my White Linen ~ Lavender Field blog. The second ATC is a sweet little patriotic card. Another tiny quilt made by Donna. They are both done with fabrics and quilted. The patiotic card features a little boy and girl holding Old Glory. It has a button fixed to the top left and a tiny metal cross to the top right. God Bless America done like a tiny banner and lace on the edges. A little sachet of fresh lavender sent along with the cards was a sweet treat! I had to share with you! They will be little treasures for a long long time. Thank you Donna!

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  1. They arrived!! I'm so glad you like them. I had so much fun creating them for you. Likewise, your card is a treasured addition to my collection.
    Blessings and gratitude for your friendship.


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