Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lavender Harvest

This time of year is so beautiful and it is time for lavender harvest in many places. Hand picked grosso lavender will be on its way to my front door soon. The fragrance is like no other to me. I found a lady that has step by step photo directions how to make a lavender wand. They are beautiful when finished and it is a craft that does not take long. Click here for easy instructions, you will be delighted, leave Tina a comment to let her know you stopped by. The little wand bulb incases the buds so the fragrance will last a long time. And there are the sachets filled with buds. The grosso lavender is the most fragrant in my opinion. There are many different varieties of lavender. Grosso, English, French, Spainish, and Provence just to name a few. There are varieties within the varieties! It grows well in sort of nutrient poor soil, sandy, and rocky. Probably the most well known benefit of Lavender is the aromatherapy. When I have fresh buds it creates a calming peaceful surrounding. Do you have your fresh Lavender today? (Since my camera, printer and pc are still having their issues, I am unable to provide you with my own images, thanks for being patient.)


  1. Thank you soooo much for this wonderful pictures!!!!! Cant get enough of it...that looks soo great!!!!!

    Have a very nice weekend and enjoy the summer, Hugs Jade

  2. Mine are just blooming~
    it's very nice to meet you! and the first picture! Oh! how lovely!!

  3. What beautiful photos! I get my lavender fix with some homemade soaps I buy in a nearby shop. The scent is so calming to me. aaaah....

  4. Ahhhh, all of that lavender is making me feel sleepy... :) Lovely photos!

  5. These images are unbelievable! A friend of mine has a home in France and also near me in MD. - she learned how to make these and I kick mysekf for not learning how to make the bundles before she and her husband moved to Florida. Jennifer

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