Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The All American Country Porch

Those were the good ole' days, when people actually used the front porch.
A simple porch stocked with rockers and plenty of potted flowers.
And a much simpler porch, an ole' church pew and a few fire logs add a little bit a' charm.
Artful porch.
Patriotic porch.
Old time porch.
Wicker filled porch.
Our dream was to build a log home with a full covered front porch.
Our back patio....KIDDING! :-))
This really takes outdoor living to a whole new level. For some inspiratioinal outdoor living, front porch ideas etc. check out hgtv.com. What is missing in this outdoor kitchen? PEOPLE! I prefer the top photo. rockers filled with people visiting. Sure, for staging purposes, the outdoor living kitchen is appropriately furnished and stocked with the expensive and mind you, it is truly beautiful and functional. Come on over to my patio, let's visit and have an old fashioned cookout! I'll bring my Cracker Barrel rocker out and we will ROCK! Stay long enough, relax and take in our evening sunset at the White Tank Mtns. :-)


  1. I would love to have a porch! Makes me think back to when I would sit outside with my mom on the front yard, watching the neighbors, and she would brush my hair....

  2. Hi Linda, Thank you so much for visiting my new blog and your kind words of welcome! yes Dawn truly is a heart! I will be back to visit often, you have such a pretty blog, I love this porch post, I have a 1916 2 story house and it has a front porch that is the whole length of the house, I sooo love it, yet the sad thing is we rarely use it. This post has inspired me to change that! :) Please visit me again, and like I said I will be back to see what other pretties you have to share! Take care...Rose

  3. Lovely porch. Very country. Nice post.

  4. I have an enclosed front porch and I love It. One of my favorite things. Take care..Kathi

  5. donna's Mum.30.6.09

    what an absolutely beautiful site, I LOVE the porches,some of which have now been replaced by 'Decks" and equally lovely place to share time and talents. I also looked at the lavender and from the pictures couls amost feel complet calm set in, my Grandmother used to grow it in England, and as a girl I remember that beautiful smell all through her home. Thank you for bringing back beautiful memories.Have a super day..Yvonne, Donna's Mum.

  6. Hi!

    Looking around for inspiration for our porch that we are going to do at home...Found yor page and enjoyed it! Thanks



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