Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saturday May 9th

The little guy above with the basketball has very good form, great concentration, he will be a number one pick on the NBA in 18 years. ;-) The little princess with her arms raised had her 4th birthday today! Our little family of 10 gathered at a local pizza place with arcade and celebrated. For a 'petite' gal she has one big personality. Should I say 4 going on 40? These photos show 2 of 5 grandkids. Will post more at a later date. Oh, and the huge decorated cookies above were a gift to our little 4 year old. Someone makes and sells these on Etsy (type cakeboxcookies in the search box). They are delicious and beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to my sweet mother and Happy Mother's Day to all!
Merci ~

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  1. They look soo sweet - you must be very proud of them! Wish you a wonderful Motherdays-Sunday with your familiy!!!

    Hugs Jade


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