Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day, Mother

To Eileen: Mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. May your Mother's Day be the best because you are the best! Photo above taken in 2008 with our daughter, son and my dad. Photo below taken in 1947.


  1. You have such a nice family and a very beautiful daughter! Wish you all the best!!

    And thank you very much, for your nice greetings, Hugs Jade

  2. Hi Linda,

    I hope that you had a wonderful mother's day!

    On today's blog posting in the first picture all of the Bohemian Bliss info is presented. You can also click on the works "bohemian bliss" and it will transfer you to their website. It is going to be SO much fun. I would love to see you there. So far you are the only one to sign up. :)

  3. Hi Linda, What a beautiful family. I love coming to visit. You have a beatiful blog, I'm glad you're here!!!! Blessings, Deborah


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