Friday, May 15, 2009

Queen For A Day ~

The British Coronets are from The crown in the photo above I have had for some time. Would you say I have a fascination for crowns? It must be the queen in all of us. And check out the crown in the gadget in the right column, from These coronets are small crowns without the grand arches a crown has. The nobles, princes, and princesses wore the coronets, while queens and kings wore the crown. Who knew? I like em' all. They represent royalty to me. Sorry, I removed the blinkie crown, it gave me a headache with the big blinking! :-)


  1. Lately I see crowns everywhere. I keep wondering what I'm missing. Hmmm...

  2. Thank-you for Visiting my blog!I love yours! I went to the older post and spend a lot of time going from one link to he other, what a nice trip!!!

  3. Love those old crown images. Wouldn't these be fun to wear? I should plan a party JUST SO my friends and I could wear them. :)


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