Saturday, May 16, 2009

In The News

Ok, so I can't stay with one theme in White Linen ~ Lavender Field. I confess, I love so many subjects and there is so much out there that I really can't help myself. When I started this online journal, I vowed to stick with the issues, White Linen ~ Lavender Field. There is so much you can say about Lavender. I wanted to save the new in coming crop for the end of June. Secret: If everything works out, I would love to go to the lavender farm the end of June. Mr. F doesn't know this yet. There is a farm about 3 hours northeast of Phoenix. It's in the White Mountains. if you are in the area. There are numerous lavender farms in the U.S., google 'lavender farms' in your area. I'll show you how to make a lavender wand after harvest. Most harvest in late June, early July. So you see, I started this post confessing my tangent, and where do I end up? Lavender Farms!! :-))

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


  1. Your blog makes me smile and I can just smell the lavender! Blessings and joy from Amy.

  2. Ooh, I wish I had known about that when I lived in AZ! Now I'll have to find one here! :)

  3. Let's have a give-away to celebrate ...LIFE!! Please visit my blog, Blanca.

  4. What wonderful news!!!! Lavender fields are just a dream.....only one time in my life i have seen them (in provence), but i´ll never forget that, as long as i live!!! Wish you a wonderful time there!!!

    Have a nice sunday, Hugs Jade


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