Friday, May 22, 2009

Postcard Friendship Friday....

If you like click: and visit the ladies and gents that post postcards, it's like a block party! The post card above is in 1909, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. This city was our home from June 1971 to June, 2008! If you look closely to the left of Jefferson School, there is a little two story house. This was our first home back in 1972. It was one of the oldest homes in Fond du Lac, (foot of the lake). When we moved into our little home it had been refurbished from top to bottom and know what the selling price was? $15,000 ! We lived there for 3 years, Jefferson school was still standing back then. The city demolished the old school soon after we sold our cute little house and this area is now 'Jefferson Park'. That little house we purchased is still standing today. What history and memories! Well, it's late, but it's still Friday here in Arizona, thought I would get in on the Friendship Friday post! Have a wonderful and safe weekend!


  1. What a gorgeous blog you have! I'm having a ball this morning sipping my coffee and reading all about must see lavender scented movies, your gorgeous monograms, and more more more!

    I enlarged the card so I could closely look at your darling little house! What history and memories you lived and can experience throufgh this card! That's a shame that they tore down the school. It was a lovely building! Thank goodness for vintage postcards! Happy PFF! I'm so happy and excited that you joined! Great to meet you:)

  2. I love your post. What a beautiful old building. I'm with Marie - it's a shame that they tore it down! I love that you lived in the little house to the left and that you have memories of that building when you lived there. Beautiful card and memories. Your blog is fantastic. Happy PFF!

  3. I am from Wisconsin! Loved seeing this. Blessings dear.

  4. Linda: I grew up in Fond du Lac and my father was the principal at Jefferson School in the 1980s!

    When our family first moved to Fond du Lac in 1960, we lived on Marr Street, near the school. We eventually moved to Division Street near Park Avenue, growing up in beautiful "old" Fondy.

    Dad taught at Rosenow School, Jefferson School and then became principal at Lakeshore School. He later became principal at Rosenow and then Jefferson (seemed to revisit his old schools as he drew toward retirement) He was principal at Jefferson until his retirement.

    Thanks for the memories! (Perhaps we even know each other (or our families) and don't even know it yet!

    Donna Newby Liljegren

  5. Anonymous23.5.09

    Hi Linda~~
    I have an award for you that is on my latest post..Please stop and see what it is!


  6. What a beautiful building full of history - and thank you so much for sharing your memories and telling aubout your life! Every day it´s a great surprise on your blog....i love it!

    Have a wonderful sunday and thank you for your loveley words in your comment, Hugs Jade

  7. WOW!!! This is such a beautiful card and the building is awesome. Thanks for sharing your memories.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  8. Really neat post!! Really lovely blog!

    Love your monograms, too!! You're quite talented!!

    Have a blessed Sunday!! Oh yeh, I am beginning a new regime on Monday, too!! I checked CWO, and copied down her 15 motivational tips. One I heard years ago that is making me get a move on is "If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting". I want some different results, so I'm onto my new regime. My email is Maybe we could cheer each other on!! If not, that's fine...I'll put you on my prayer list anyway, and you can know that I pray for your success regularly!!

    Blessings and joy,

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  10. Lovely postcard! Thank you so much for the historical facts behind it. It's a little late, but Happy PFF!!!


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