Thursday, May 21, 2009

Live Well

"God grant me the ability to accept the food I cannot change, the strength to change the way I eat, and the gumption to make a difference."—Darlene Schacht

If you struggle with weight like many of us do, this site will be your motivation to start and continue to strive with your issues in overcoming day to day food issues and choosing wisely what to eat and how much. It is a battle from the neck up. It is that way with me anyway.

When I start on a new way of eating, I clean out the cabinets and refrig. Then I stock it with fresh produce, chicken, fish, yogurt, skim milk, and free cottage cheese. We use extra virgin olive oil for light cooking. Use way less salt, low sodium and drink lots of water. All 'light' dressings, light sour cream, but we do stick with butter and believe it's better, in moderation. The site below is a Christian based using biblical principles to inspire and motivate. I am new to this way of eating so we can do it together. If you are interested and want to keep in touch 'when you like' my email is in the sidebar. My start date is Monday, May 26th.
Thanks for reading and happy choices!


  1. Such a gorgeous picture! I love all of your grafics and am particularly drawn to the "K" because my last name is K. The first one is my style. Great job!!

  2. I will be checking this out. I was planning on starting my changes (for eating and exercise) on June 1st. Feel free to chat with me too.

  3. That´s a very good inspiration and i wish you the best for having success!!!
    And have a wonderful weekend, loveley greetings, Hugs Jade

  4. Thank you for sharing .
    I am looking forward to all the many new things I will be learning from your adventure .
    Your blog is so beautiful.
    I want to thank you for all the energy and effort to make your blog the inviting place it is.
    I have a feeling it is a reflection of the true inner beauty that is inside you shining out upon us as we visit.
    Thank you for sharing the love God has placed within you with us here in blogland.
    Blessings of joy to you .
    Happy Memorial Weekend.


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