Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

You think this is patriotic? Wait til the 4th of July. :-) Growing up in a military family back in the 50's it tends to get into your blood. Today we honor all military men and women, whether they were taken in battle, retired, active duty, or what have you. In two of the images above are The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds. Number 2 image looks like Teddy Roosevelt (?)looking onto a Memorial Day Parade. This post is dedicated to all the men and women in my family that have served and are serving in the Military. And to all men and women serving today, thank you for my freedom.


  1. I really like your message today, Linda. I love your images, too.

    The Blue Angels and Thunderbirds trade off performing at the Punta Gorda Airshow every March. This year it was the Blue Angels and I got some great photos. You've given me an idea for my 4th of July post!

    Thank you for your fitting tribute and your beautiful site.

  2. How precious. Thank you so much for sharing these and your thoughts.

  3. Each and every time I find a blog, or someone stops by and I go to visit their blog, and our fallen heros are honored, my heart swells with pride.

    We need to teach the kids that this is not just a three day weekend filled with a parade and hot dogs. This holiday means so, so much more.

    Thank you for this wonderful post.

  4. What a lovely tribute to our men and women in the military!


  5. Very sobering and heart felt. Thank you for your tribute to all men & women in the military...blessings


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