Thursday, May 7, 2009

Apparently the flu that I had the other day hasn't gone away. My sweet grand daughter has a touch of something. And today wasn't the best of days for Ms. White Linen (aka, Linda). Just can't seem to shake this, whatever 'this' is. Nausea, malaise, and a little dizziness is the general prognosis for today. My daughter suggested a visit to the dred Doc. If it isn't gone by Monday I will.
Thank you ladies, for comments and well wishes. Your comments mean so much. And I am trying to connect and make a network here too. Just can't seem to get out of this infirmity.
With all the comotion and excitement, it slipped my mind to say that my daughter and husband made it home here in Buckeye, safely! It took them approximately 33 hours on the road to get here. No, they didn't drive straight through. It took 3 days for the trek. Staying in motels in the larger cities. They have been resting a little, doing business, (changing states requires alot of footwork and phone calls) in between resting. Jen will find work in the health care field and finish school here. She is staying with mom and dad until she gets settled and finds a place of her own. ;-)
Now that I have found out how to preserve a 'blog journal', I am anxious to get started on it. See Cathe Holden at her blog 'Just Something I made' here: . She found a way to preserve your blog just in case something would go wildly wrong with the world wide web.


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