Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bobbin Template

Sherry, from Rustique Gallery
asked me if I would post
the template from my card bobbins.
As soon as I saw her request I traced it.
So here is my little template. :)
 If  you click on
the above image, you should get a larger image.
Just click and save to your pc. Otherwise just click on this and you can save it. When you
print it, you could print the 8 x 10 form
when  you see the preferences box that pops up.
My cardboard pieces are approximately
3" by 4 1/2".
I hope this works for you.
Once you get the desired size.
You can find graphics from
Sometimes I purchase graphics from
Etsy. So many are cheap and one of a kind.
I also used scrapbook paper! And I ran out
of my fav they no longer make! :(
Use any weight cardstock or cardboard from
cereal boxes, picture frame cardstock, cardstock
from scrapbook ends. I always save heavier cardstock
from bedding packaging, between the folds in sheets.
I also purchased some from a gal on Etsy, just to see.
To make my bobbins sturdier I used cardstock from Walmart
to print my graphic on. I glued both sides of the
original card stock with graphics
to make them sturdier and they will last much longer.

I use precision scissors to cut them out.
To glue onto the cardstock I use a glue pen or
a glue with two way applicator.
Elmer's, Scotch, Martha Stewart, any of these
makes a pretty good glue pen or two way
applicator. I used what I already had.
I needed the control to apply it to the
cardboard. If your card bobbins curl
you can flatten by placing a heavy book on
it before it drys. Usually mine dried flat without
a book.

After they dried  I inked the edges with any color Tim Holtz
ink.  Let that dry and start wrapping your lace! I'm making white cards with black graphics with an Easter
theme. Will post later.
Did I leave anything out?
Let me know how yours turn out.


  1. Thank you - I am definitely going to give these a go


  2. Linda,
    Thanks so much for the tutorial and the template. I'm looking forward to making up a bunch and working on getting my supplies in order. These are so pretty-I have downloaded many of the same prints from Dawn at The Feathered Nest, Graphics Fairy and many others. I also have a passion for recycling, so using cereal boxes and unused scrapbook paper is right up my alley! Have a great week!

  3. How beautiful these are! Thank you for sharing your technique and template! I will have to try this, as my ribbons and laces are all in a messy heap in an old cigar box--it takes me forever to find what I'm looking for when I need a certain lace edging or whatever--you have inspired me!

  4. Good morning Linda, your creations are exquisite - amazing! I am stopping by because I noted that you participated in a Cottage Charm Giveaway in the past and I wanted to share that I am hosting my 4th annual Delightsome Cottage Charm Giveaway to commemorate my blogiversary - I am opening a LINKY to any who'd like to add a charming giveaway of their own. You can see my giveaway here:

    I hope you have a blessed day,

  5. Anonymous6.7.13

    I've just found you through Pinterest but it looks like you've quit blogging. :/ Please come back! LOL.


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