Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sentimental Pressed Flowers

Like so many of you are busy with families, the last few months
have been busy in our home.
Thank you for being patient in waiting for more posts
and photos. If you are a Facebook user I have "Queen Bee Cottage"
there as well as my private FB page.
I'm back home with sweet treasures from Wisconsin.
My sisters' labor with gathering and organizing all of our mother's
pressed flowers has produced many framed
Below are just a couple arrangements I managed to put together for family.
I'll be listing a few arrangements in my Etsy shop per request
of my FB followers.


  1. Oh, those are so pretty! What patience it takes to do this small work. I don't do those things any more. I love your colors and arrangements.

  2. Hi Linda, The pressed flowers are beautiful and the colors are still so fresh. Very lovely arrangements!
    Thank you so much for your very sweet comment! I'm sure I blushed. Seriously.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I'm envious, I tried so hard to gather flowers from my mother's garden and dry them, but time just got away from me, and I have almost nothing to show for my troubles. I had intended to give the grandchildren a little memento. Great job.

  4. Beth Emerich21.8.13

    I rec'd my beautiful birthday gift and couldn't wait to get to the blog because I knew you would put pictures up....I absolutely love my pictures and they are so my colors. The best part is that it is a beautiful memory that will not get dusty and grungy and will stay beautiful forever. So glad Annette didn't throw out those phone books!!! :) I also heard you had a very eventful arrival home!!!! What a sassy sure to tell him that Bubba thought it was hilarious!!!!--love you, Beth


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