Monday, December 3, 2012

Simple Sterling..

It's easy to get a little stressed during
the holiday season.
If you have a plan and make a list, checking it twice, :) 
really helps things go smoother.
I scored these beauties on Ebay.
A short greeting to enter in a card for you:
Fire gradually warms the room,
Writing Christmas cards to you,
Children by the small river singing with joy,
Christmas ornaments decorate the windows,
Close the door, ignite the warm candlelight,
Close your eyes and make a wish.
A Sweet Christmas Eve comes,
I wish to be the snow falling on your Christmas tree,
To send to you the first Christmas Blessing of the year,
Wishing you and your family, a grand Season ahead! Merry Christmas!
Everywhere snow is floating down and fires glow,
I hope I am the first to send Christmas wishes to you!
Author: Jane Liang
Delicate sterling fruit knives and forks with MOP handles.
Hope you are having a fun season!

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