Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Inspiration: An Old Recipe

Over 35 years ago I asked my mother for her famous
donut recipe.  (I guess you could say this is 'Vintage Inspiration'.)  Right away she penned her
recipe and reminded me to be careful of
the hot grease at the bottom of her paper.  I was excited
to get it in the mail and try it out.
It just didn't taste the same as her light donuts.
Believe me, hers were as good as or better than Krispy Kreme!
I just didn't have the knack.

Here is that paper, a little tattered, worn, oil stains and all...
I cherish this little piece of paper.  (I am purging and organizing
bins and boxes and came across her recipe and had to share it with you.)
We've tried and tested and just couldn't quite get the same
results mom did. Her recipe is too lengthy to post here.
The orange walnut rolls can be made with frozen bread
dough. Wanna know her secret? Mix half a can thawed orange juice
with ( thicken or thin as you desire) 2 cups powdered sugar and drizzle over rolls in pan after baking. That's it!
It makes alot to drizzle but she always made enough to feed a small
village!  Bless her heart!

She also used this recipe for her orange
walnut sweet rolls, dinner rolls,
and buns.

The other side of the paper...see on the bottom:
'Be careful with your frying grease!!'

A year ago she made orange walnut sweet rolls and
sent a couple pans to us.  They arrived
carefully wrapped and boxed. We warmed them in the
microwave and ate one whole panful!
They were delicious to say the least!
Thank you again mom for your thoughtfulness!

Am I making your mouth water yet?

Hope  you enjoyed my post today.  I had fun writing



  1. MMM, yes, you are making me hungry! You will treasure those handwritten pages for ever, I think. I love to see my Grandma's old recipes-I have two of her cookbooks. Mostly they are lists of ingredients without many directions. I just have to guess! But, the handwriting! Love it.

  2. I love old family recipes! They are the best...XoXo

  3. A nice post-great memories for you I know.
    I wish I had more recipes in "handwriting." I typed mine years ago....

    1. I have a couple more in her writing and my mom-in-law also. The longer I have them the more they mean to us. I like to look for memories in each one. :)


  4. YUMMMMM...sounds so delicious girl!!! And those sweet rolls LOOK amazing!!! I love that you have her handwritten recipe for the donuts, what a wonderful heirloom. Yes, feel free to pin anything on my blog, I've love having new readers find me!!! Wishing you a blessed Easter weekend, hugs and love, Dawn

  5. When my Mum passed away I got her handwritten recipe for strawberry rhubarb pie. I've never made it. I know it would never be as good as hers was. I so treasure having it in her own hand. So sweet to me.

    Loved seeing your mom's recipe.

    Have a wonderful Easter.


  6. I have a few of my mother's handwritten recipes. I too treasure them. The rolls do make my mouth water, I guess it is time for a snack.

  7. Anonymous10.5.12

    Absolutely making my mouth water and making me want to try the recipes. I love old recipes they are the best! Thanks for sharing.


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