Saturday, March 10, 2012

Catching Up

     Queen Bee Cottage is under construction!
Linda is trying to figure out
how to again! 
Karen, help!  Oh yes I have  your book!

                                 ....And I am building boards on Pinterest.
Real important stuff you know.
If you don't have room for tangible collections
in your abode you certainly do on

Join bloggers, homemakers, moms,  people collecting ideas, pinning boards, liking, repinning, finding friends, weddings, cooking and recipes, inspiration, creating, and join me:

And it is so good to be back home.  6 months in the northwoods
is a long time without my better half. But lending a hand
and just being there for my folks was a good thing.

Near the Wisconsin River
Caught this on my camera on the way to the airport.
They are yearlings (there were 3) guarding a deer carcass
in the ditch. How unusual to see 3 on the ground.  And yes, that is
mucho snow on the ground last week!

In the northcountry just a couple days before leaving we had this:

It started to snow

...and it snowed

And the pines were heavy with snow.

It wouldn't quite. The next morning we woke up to
22 inches.  Didn't have that much snow since I was a kid,
in the northeastern part of WI. So glad I had my camera.
We felt insulated inside. The snow quietly falling in the darkness.
We had heat and electricity that flickered for just a moment.
We were thankful we had all the modern conveniences. How did they do it in the early 1900's and earlier? They were use to it and didn't know any other way.

My neice and I were stranded for two days, it seemed longer. 
We had food and water. It was fun. I am such a city girl!

My brother, Ken. 

After the plows. There was mega 'heavy equipment' up there!

More photos to come of the northland.  Here is a tiny snippet:

Old, vintage, chippy, worn and weathered building.

Thanks for reading and spending time here.
It's fun the share times and photos.

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  1. Goodness, 22 inches! We have had so little snow in Massachusetts that we think it is spring already. I'm just sayin' It's only March, folks! Enjoyed your pictures! I'm going to check your pinterest boards now. Have a great week!


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