Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cottage Charm Winner...

What a fun giveaway and so many people from
all over the country!

Kathy Bruner has won the Queen Bee Cottage
Cottage Charm giveaway!
Congratulations, Kathy! Claim your prize today!

Thanks to all the lovely people that entered!
And a big thanks to Kim at The Twice Remembered Cottage for hosting an amazing mega giveaway!
She hosted to a list of 49 blogs with some
gorgeous items to giveaway!


  1. beautiful! i keep finding these giveaways too late!!!!! your blog is brilliant!

  2. Stunning! congratulations to the winner, too late for me to have this giveaways!

    lab jackets

  3. Gorgeous! Congrats to the lucky winner!!!

  4. Oh this is just a precious idea!


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