Monday, March 28, 2011

Attention All Bloggers!!

If  you love bird watching, nesting, egg laying, or hatching, there is a LIVE webcam watching a mother eagle warming her eggs that are about to hatch any day!
You've got to see this totally awesome sight! And it is LIVE. The cam is in Decorah, Iowa. The male eagle has brought her some food that you can see in the lower left corner of the cam. She fluffs her nest, stands and gently turns her eggs, her wings are spread to cover her eggs, she keeps an 'eagle' eye on all her surroundings. When she stands you can see the 3 eggs that are just about ready to hatch!
Here is the link or view the cam below:
Enjoy this spring treat!
Excuse my construction, it is not finished but will be soon!
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Thanks and bless  you!

Video streaming by Ustream

Linda :)

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  1. This is SO AMAZING Linda, thank you so much for showing me girl!!! I'm so glad I found you blog list disappeared ~ I'm just now rebuilding it ~ I hope you are doing great sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn


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