Saturday, August 14, 2010

Grainsack Heaven ~

Before I get started; here is the Etsy shop address:
You will find roll upon roll, light weight, medium weight, heavy weight, initials, no initials, indigo, caramel, red, gold strip grainsack, hemp linen. How much do you need? What color would you like? What length? Pillows, upholstery fabric, Roman shades, table runners, curtains, seat cushions, if you think it you can create it.  All of these ideas one can make from grainsack. Oh dishtowels! The antique grainsack is $$$, spendy for my pocketbook. But one can improvise.

My favorite: caramel stripe.

Photos courtesy Antique Linen Store
Click on her Etsy store to view the most beautiful grainsack. And they are all antique!

Thank you Christina for all the photos and offering such beauty.


This is my take on the grainsack issue. I love the look so much and it warms up a room so much. (Not that we need anymore warming up here in the southwest!) But it is welcoming and a down home kinda fabric.

I added the painted stripe to this table runner.
The fabric is washed painters drop cloth. When you purchase the drop cloth it has alot of 'sizing' so I washed it and added fabric softener. It is so soft and easy to work with. It makes for the prettiest kitchen textiles. I'm going to make faux grainsack kitchen towels too. Lowe's, Home Depot, anywhere paint is sold you can buy painters cloth. And it's inexpensive.

I need to mention Sissie @ Sissie's Shabby Cottage makes the most beautiful burlap table runners and pillows in blogland. In my previous post I so neglected to mention her talent of pillow making with burlap and the most exquisite rosettes she attaches. Sissy, you are my inspiration for making my recent pillows and this table runner! Thank you!

These stripes are so easy to apply. :o)


  1. I just love this look! And you are so right - they make you feel very cozy and home-y!


  2. Hi Linda:
    Thanks so much for the link! I really like your improv project, too. It's amazing what we can do with painter's drop cloths. Have a creative and restful weekend, my friend.

  3. Oh, Linda, I have to stop visiting your blog (NOT really LOL) as I always spend money, tee hee

    Love the runner!

    Thank you so much for the link!


  4. Lovely fabric.
    I was a sewer before I started scrapbooking and the kids grew out of their little girl dresses, nothing prettier than a little ecru muslin dress with sea shell buttons and a bit of embroidery...
    Ah, the textile temptation.....

  5. Beautiful fabric, I just love the natural look like that, so many things to make. I am off to have a look!
    Margaret B

  6. The grain sacks are just gorgeous, and I love your take on them! Do you just use masking tape to get the stripe? what kind of paint? sorry a million questions, I just love it!

  7. Wowzer!! You are amazing! Using painters drop cloths to get the look of grain sacks is just downright brainy. I am going to try this. So, you see now you are inspiring me! I am off to Lowes tomorrow to pick up one and try it out. Also thanks for that link.

    I am flattered by your compliments. And, I'm so glad that I inspired you, as if you needed any inspiration. All that creativity is inside you just wanting to get out and create!


  8. Wow! I wouldn't have thought of this and I love your idea. The stripes you added look great. You've really got me wanting to go get some of the painters cloths and give this a go.
    Your blog is beautiful!
    So glad I found it!


  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and good luck on winning the books. This is quite an idea you have. Glad I stopped by. Will be back. Mona

  10. Thank you for the link. I'm off to get my own antique grainsacks. Thank you also for sharing the drop cloth idea. I wonder if it's cheaper than buying the duckcloth at fabric stores? I'll check that out when I'm off to town.



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