Friday, July 30, 2010

New Cameos~French Valance & Wall Art

I finished this little wall hanging last evening. I used a better grade 'burlap' fabric for backing.
The vintage birdcage is an iron on, and vintage buttons are all on course weave linen. I'm making two more to place on a wall in my garden room.

The frayed edges add some character.

More came in the mail today.

My all time favorite embellishments: CAMEOS. I reordered more to add to my dwindling stash.
You know, I used one in the vinage book wreath HERE. I've used them for giveaways HERE. I'm always on the lookout for settings. My fav cameos are the ones with the latte background (below).

Robin's Egg Blue cameos, the sweet little ones( below right) have 'angel skin' background.

The background on these ladies are the old fashioned 'carnelian'.

I need your opinion.......

(click on photos to supersize!)
The French document valance is finished and I love the style.  But....

not 100% to my liking.
I didn't make
it wide
enough.  And I
went overboard with my header.

Tell me your thoughts.....

I like my valances doesn't have enough ruffling...??

I'm taking a little break. 

As always, blog friends, thanks so much for stopping by and visiting today.


  1. I think the valance looks wonderful! If you are unhappy with the header you could hang from rings.
    Hugs, Sherry

  2. I agree I think your header is a little too wide and I'd like to see it a little fuller, or if you want to be able to read the writing, perhaps you should pleat it. But it does look awesome. But you asked.

  3. I love the cameo you sent me and I have a special use for it!

    I think the valance looks great. If it was fuller then you really couldn't see all the writing but I know it's something YOU have to be happy with!

    I posted today about that doc fabric today too LOL Thanks to you, I instantly knew what to put on the wall behind our bed!!!


  4. It looks beautiful....I love it the way it is.....if it was fuller you wouldn't see the writing as much....
    Love, love, love the cameos!!!!
    The latte and the blue ones...oh my!!!
    Margaret B

  5. Hi Linda:
    I'm with Margaret B. on this one. Mags has a great eye for such things, so I'd trust her. I also am a proud owner of one of your REB cameos. I love it and it hangs in a place of honor in the studio.
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  6. Your wall hanging is adorable Linda! Also I think your valance looks wonderful just the way it is!! I'm having cameo envie too! Have a great weekend.

    Take Care - Robin

  7. I think the valance is fine, like a couple of gals already mentioned if it was fuller you wouldn't get to appreciate all of the fabulous script writing:) Maybe some cream sheers layered underneath to prevent to much light shining through the valance so you can see the details of the script even more:) Not sure if you want to keep the window simple or not....just a thought:) Lovely cameos!

  8. Anonymous31.7.10

    Hmmm....adding some fuller ruffling at the bottom of the valance, wide lace maybe? Then you'd never notice the lesser ruffling of the upper part. Or wide eyelet dyed with tea! I think just adding at the bottom will work.

  9. I love it! I think if you made it a little fuller the writing would be harder to see.

  10. I love the fabric for the valance.
    If you don't like the high header, just stitch along about half and inch or so down from the topmost part and slip the rod into the new space you created with new row of stitching.
    (can't tell how high it actually is)
    It will make the header smaller and crisper looking and the curtain a shade longer. It might just make the difference you are looking for. (not sure I made myself very clear. Sorry)

  11. Hi Linda!

    First of all I think it is plenty full, because of the printing on the fabric. However, I liked what Diane said about lace, but that is me. What about if you put another border of the other fabrics on the top or at least one other color. The darker one may highlight the top just enough to make it stand out a little more?? But, truly, it looks marvelous!!
    And I think that I forgot to tell you that the Queen Mum let me see her lamp that you made her!! Beautiful!!
    XOXOXO, Beth

  12. I love cameos too! I've never seen the latte background - how pretty. I think your valance looks fine the way it is, but if you don't like the header you could try putting the rod through it or trimming it down with pinking shears.

  13. I know what you mean about fullness.
    Could you maybe fake fullness by adding a layer of pre gathered lace in behind and just making the lace about 1/3rd longer than the valance?
    Love that fabric and the brown trim

  14. Hi LInda!
    It is perfect!
    Don't worry,be happy!

  15. Oh, I think your wall hanging and your valance are both just wonderful!
    Great job. :-)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  16. I actually think the valance is just fine... agree with the others about being able to somewhat read it. Could I ask where you purchased the fabric... love it!!!! I enjoy following you!! Love the Cameos.

  17. I think the valance looks great, you've got plenty of ruffles ontop and wide enough for your lovely words to be read.

    P.S...come join my giveaway...

  18. I am so loving your cameos... especially the blue ones. I think your valance looks great as is.

  19. I am loving your cameos and valance. I, also, like full valances BUT I do think it looks great. If the valance were any fuller - you wouldn't be able to read it. I never had an appreciation for cameos until a few years ago. I have some of my mothers - brownish taupe color but I'm loving the black one with the wind blown hair. Enjoy your blog.


  20. I've only just found you and wanted to say i think you're very talented and I've got great inspiration from you. Many thanks. I'm looking forward to see what you do with the camecs! Fiona


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