Friday, April 2, 2010


Have you tried this website: Spoonflower ?  I've known about it for a while.
You can experiment here. What you do is upload a design or any image from your pc
and they will print it on fabric! You can get a yard or many yards of it. It is unique and
your very own. You can arrange designs in a variety of repeats and see an instant preview
of your fabric. You can get as little or as much fabric as you want. A swatch is $5.
A yard is $18. What makes it fun is it's your very own creation. Designs, color, fabric type, are all chosen
by you. Read more about fabric types and prices here.  My head is spinning with ideas but
will choose my design for a special gift making project for Christmas. What design would you use?
I'll tell you about my project a little later. I am choosing a special sheet music cover and the sheet music
to go with it.  You can also enter their contests weekly. Their blog is located here.
Read more about Spoonflower HERE. How they do it, and more. Here are just a couple examples of
other designers. Please do not copy or save these designs to y our pc, Thank you. You can click on each
design and it will take you to the website and order if you like.

Victorian Lingerie
Vintage fabric.
Steam strings
Steam punk stringed instruments. Different!
Easter bunny toile.
Patriotic Toile Blue Large

These are just a few examples of designs that are ready for purchase. I'm kinda liking the
flag toile. Very pretty. Happy creating blog friends!
Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful Easter everyone!


  1. Love the new look! Karen is getting ready to do the same for my two blogs : ) Thanks for sharing your links.

  2. Oh, now that is exciting....thank you so much for the info!
    Easter Blessings!

  3. Well how fun Is that. I'm heading right on over. Thank you for the cool web site and Happy Easter...Kathi

  4. Oh wow, that looks like a lot of fun. I don't sew but my sister does, I'll have to let her know about this!

  5. I did go check out the site.. how cool is that ?!

  6. Oh my gosh that's so cool, thanks for the link!

  7. Oh my, with reading blogs you learn something new every day! Wonderful site!

  8. This is really exciting. I had heard of it thru another blog but it took yours to go check it out. I'm seeing close ups of my beads on fabric. Wouldn't that be cool! The possibilities seem endless, unfortunately not the wallet. I'd have to really think it through what I would use the fabric for. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention.


  9. Oh my goodness, I'm excited. I'm going over there right now and see what's going on.
    I would love to have my own special design on fabric. How cool would that be!

    Thanks for the information.


  10. Wow, designing my own fabric! What a kick! BTW, I'm loving your new look. I think Diane is going to get rich from all her blogging friends! This is so pretty and peaceful looking. Happy Easter,

  11. Pretty amazing what they can do now marrying computer technology with personal creativity. I'll be checking out this sight. Thank you so much for putting the giveaway on your sidebar!
    Have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

  12. What a great site! Thanks for the information. Happy Easter! Charlene


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