Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Remember When ~

When I was growing up in the late '50s we lived
in Florida. Our dad was in the Navy and we moved
and moved...  Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved water.
Lakes, oceans, streams, rivers, artisian wells, any shape, any form
of water I have always loved. And I love drinking good clean water!
I've been swimming in lakes, rivers, oceans and pools!
I clearly remember our dad taking us to the beach swimming.
Daytona was one and Smyrna was another. So many beaches in Florida!
We would drive our car right on the beach and park just a few yards
from where we would swim.

This was our transportation, a '54 Chev. It did have a white top and the
body was a darker blue. Remember when?
Just a little trip down memory lane or should I say down the Florida coast? :-)


  1. My childhood beach memories are also from Florida - Sanibel Island for the big beach vacation and every summer weekend spent at south beach when it was a shabby retirement town! lovelovelove Florida beaches, nothing like them!

  2. What great memories!! And the wonderful beaches! So wonderful that your family did those things together. Wondering if you still go the beach? In Central Texas where I live, lakes are plentiful and that is where our family water fun took place - and sunburns - ouch!

    Just love the 1954 classic auto - those old beauties always catch my eye and sometimes take my breath away...

    Cynthia K. (Beauty and Blessings)

  3. Enjoyed the walk with you this morning Linda! Have a wonderful day. deb

  4. What a lovely post, and splendid photos. I just got back from a relaxing vacation on Sanibel. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Hi Linda. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures and bringing back so many wonderful memories. I live in Jacksonville Florida and grew up about 20 miles or less from Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach. We spent weeks during the summer in a cottage there and the weeks we didn't stay over there we went back and forth on weekends. My 50th birthday was yesterday and I do have a faint memory of a car like that, that we had in that same blue. Ahhhh, such sweet memories. As a young adult I spent a few summers in Annibel & Sanibel Islands. I love the Gulf coast. I had a pity party yesterday with no one to celebrate and you made today start out a whole lot brighter with these memories.

    Blessing friend...Tracy :)

  6. My dad took us to FL when I was about 9 or 10. He now lives there with his wife and I usually go once a year. I love FL beaches, all the shell collecting is so much fun!

  7. We lived less than an hour from Daytona and I spent a lot of summers there. Great childhood memories were created there. I won't talk about my teenage years and spring break spent in Daytona...Dad may be reading this!

  8. Just stopping by from another blog. And read this post! Florida was the only place my Father would consider going on vacation. We loved Daytona and on the gulf side we loved St. Petersburg! Now I go to Ft. Walton as it doesn't take as long to get there. But I LOVE Florida and always will. Hope to retire there one day.

  9. This post brought back such great memories! My husband and I grew up in Central Florida and spent our teenage summers on the beaches while we were dating. We got married right out of high school in 1973 and spent our honeymoon at New Smyrna Beach. Lovely memories! Thank you for sharing.

    Loretta in GA

  10. Such a lovely post and I soooooo understand your need for the sea. It is was sustains me. Sea Witch

  11. Anonymous15.4.10

    I don't remember the Florida beaches, because I was just a baby (AWWW), but I remember swimming in the Wolf River! And rafting the whitewater. And....I remember by a pool at one of our family gatherings with our brother present! Yes, Linda does like water up close and personal!! LOL ;)

    Love....your baby sister

  12. Sounds like a delightful childhood! I didn't grow up near the shore, or live near it now. Guess my little garden pond shall have to suffice!

  13. Sounds like happy memories to me!! Hope you are doing well and enjoying this lovely weather!

    My Desert Cottage
    Valentine Design

  14. Such sweet memories. And oh those Chevies were classy cars!
    Blessings, Kim

  15. Absolutely loved this post! We were mountain folks, never went to the beach and while I still live in the mountains, I now love the beach. While reading this post, I thought about the Pavillion in Myrtle Beach and the Boardwalk in VA Beach. Grand memories all.

  16. Such wonderful memories! I'm a Florida resident and have been for YEARS, married a Fla boy! As a young child we lived on the river, but after the move to Fla it was the beach. We spent so many fun times on the east we spend our vacations on the Gulf.
    Our whole family goes together..we have a blast. Thanks for the memories.
    Smiles and Blessings,
    Nancy C

  17. Hi! I do have memories of Florida! My sister was born in Miami/Hialeah when I was 2. Then when I was 6 we moved to Jacksonville, then to West Palm/Fort Worth, then Ft. Pierce, then Port St. Lucie, then back to West palm Beach.
    My dad was in the Army. He was stationed in Homestead and we just kept moving up and down the coast.
    Ah, you brought back some memories for me-- thank you--that was fun!


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