Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beautiful Weather, Birthday Boy, and Sunday Drive

I met my hubs here for a bit this a.m. and took a few photos
of random blooms. Nothing special, just a relaxing
drive and enjoying the day. The southwest is pretty this time of
year with greenery in bloom.
Oleander does well here.
Some ground cover.
I'm enjoying the birds as they will be heading north soon.
I can hear them chirp and sing but not for long. 
Not sure what these are?
Little Birthday Buddy...
Little Buddy turned 3 yesterday.
And my sweet dad turned 82 today!
Happy Birthday To My Dear Dad...
He loves to garden, read, refinish old furniture, and he still works
a few hours a week at the flooring company store. He sells the
best wood flooring and knows his flooring!
That's his 3 year old great grandson above...

A poem for you dad:

Old Sailors Poem
by Larry Dunn
Old sailors sit and chew the fat
'bout how things used to be
of the things they've seen
and places they've been

When they ventured out to sea.
They remember friends from long ago
and the times they had back then
of the money they've spilled
and the beer they've swilled
In their days as sailing men.

Their lives are lived in days gone by
with thoughts that forever last
of cracker-jack hats
and bell-bottom blues
and the good times in their past.

They recall long nights with a moon so bright
far out on a lonely sea
and the thoughts they had
as youthful lads
When their lives were unbridled and free.

They know so well how their hearts would swell
when the flag fluttered proud and free
and the stars and the stripes
made such beautiful sights
as they plowed through an angry sea.

They talk of the bread ole' cookie would bake
and the shrill of the boatsun's pipe
and how the salt spray fell
like sparks out of hell
when a storm struck in the night.

They remember mates already gone
who forever hold a spot
In the stories of old
when sailors were bold
and lubbers were a pitiful lot.

They rode their ships through many a storm
when the sea was showing its might
And the mighty waves
might be digging their graves
as they sailed on through the night.

Their sailing days are gone away
never more will they cross the brow
But they have no regrets
for they know they've been blessed
'cause they honored their sacred vow.

Their numbers grow less with each passing day
as their chits in this life are called in
But they've nothing to lose
for they've all paid their dues
and they'll sail with their shipmates again.

I've heard them say before getting underway
that there's still some sailin' to do
and they'll exclaim with a grin
that their ship has come in
and the Lord is commanding the crew.

Honoring my dad's 23 years in the USN.

One of the many ships he was on.
USS Denebola


  1. Dear Linda -

    Lovely photos, thank you for sharing. And best wishes to all the Birthday Boys in your life!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Hi Linda,
    What a lovely poem dedicated to your Father.
    Happy Birthday to him and your little guy.
    That's so special.


  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad and Buddy! The flower photos are so pretty.

  4. I love it! Happy birthday to both of your birthday boys! My FIL was in the USN, went around the world three times before he turned 20! Was in a submarine when Pearl Harbor happened!

    Lovely lovely poem, reminds me of my late FIL! I loved that man as much as my own dad!

    Hugs and Blessings for sharing all this beauty with us today! Anne

    Come join the postcard swap too!

  5. beautiful tribute to dads service!

    i recently have had the pleasure of reading my grandfather's letters home while he was in the navy.

    very special our men are eh!


  6. Very Happy Birthday to two great guys. What a lovely poem for your dad.

  7. Happy birthday to your little one and your dad. He's in my father's generation - my dad was a sailor, too! He served on a Liberty ship during WWII. The greatest generation.

  8. Happy Birthday all around! Your dad is one handsome man with that thick mane of hair!

  9. Not sure where in the Southwest you are.....but it is beautiful here right now!! I think the flower you were not able to identify is a hibiscus but I'm not sure.

    Anyway.....happy birthday to the birthday boys.


  10. Happy Happy Birthdays! It was my son Todd's 32nd too! Jennifer peek in at jennsthreegraces!

  11. What a special thing that is for your grandson to be born on your dad's husband had the same thing...and he was certain that man's favorite.
    Popular date for Birthday's it seems...have run across 3 others today on this date.
    ('s my Ex~husband's) birthday too...I just rememered.


  12. Happy Birthday to both men in your life.

  13. Happy birthday to the two "boys"....loved the posie pix too.

    Warm blessings,

  14. Happy Birthday to both! Hope they each had a wonderful day!

  15. Happy birthday to the two special men in your life. Loved the tribute poem to you dad


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