Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This time of year I usually watch "The Ten Commandments".  Charlton Heston has always
been a favorite actor of mine since I was a kid.
To me, Easter isn't about the Easter Bunny and chocolate candy. 
You know the account as the Bible tells it. Without getting 'preachy', I just wanted to
have a post to remind myself of what it's all about.
I thought this was a beautiful image of the ten commandments.
My sister sent it. Isn't it neat?
Have you ever wondered what He really looked like?

He was a man of strong character, He lived for
33 years, at the prime of His life he was put to death on a cross.
Then arose from his grave.
He is pretty amazing. You can read about it in the New Testament.
This is a handy way for me: The Bible at your Fingertips.
You can get it in any version and just about any language.
Available in several size fonts! The Bible is the most read, most
purchased book in the world. You can read it HERE.
You probably already knew all this. I still find it amazing.
All of our laws are founded where? You'll find it
in this book online.


  1. Anonymous23.3.10

    I know all the brainy facts about Jesus and know Him as personal Savior and friend too. I long to know Him more and more intimately though as, I believe we will go through eternity and still never know all ALL of our Wonderful, Counselor and King.

    bee blessed

  2. Beautiful post Linda, it's the only important thing. I will eat a chocolate bunny though.

  3. Thanks for a beautiful post. Not "preachy" at all. With all the cutesy "Easter" decorations and projects popping up all over blogland, your post is a nice reminder of the true meaning of the season.

    Oh, and Charleton Heston HAS ALWAYS been one of my favorite of all time actors - even when I was kid! And The Ten Commandments among my fave movies. I'll be watching right along with you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Anonymous24.3.10

    I get very emotional around the Easter season. I am so humbled and so thankfulto know that He was beaten, suffered, and died on that cross for "my" sins!! But it does not end, He was victorious and on the third day He rose from the grave!
    There, I was all "preachy"!
    I am just gratefulfor His mercy and grace.

    Love, your sister

  5. Hi Linda -

    I did not find your post today "preachy". I thought it just put things into perspective. Its good to remember that not everything is about chocolate bunnies. And I am so with you about Charlton Heston, wonderful actor. Loved him in Ben Hur, El Cid and in The Naked Jungle. He was just fabulous!

    Elaine Allen

  6. Watching the Ten Commandments is a family tradition in our home. We look forward to seeing it every year! Beautiful blog :)

  7. Gee, I haven't watched the Ten Commandments in forever. I do wonder what Jesus looked like...I know he wasn't extremely attractive according to Isaiah's book.
    PS: Keeping it real is a good thing, especially around Easter. Gosh...I can't believe it's almost Easter again...

  8. Your post is not preachy at all. He is afterall what Easter is all about. Oh, my, I haven't watched the Ten Commandments in years but I remember it so well, although I always get a chuckle watching Edward G. Robinson . . he just doesn't seem to fit in, LOL


  9. Such a wonderful post, Linda. Always loved watching the 10 Commandments as a child on Easter. Have you ever seen "The Robe" with Richard Burton? It's my all time favorite!
    Sharing our faith is part of who we are.
    Love and Blessings dear sister!

  10. It's not officially Easter until you've watched The Ten Commandments! It is a lovely tradition, isn't it?
    PS I love Bible Gateway. It's so great to be able to look up all the different translations.

  11. Thank you for such a lovely post.

  12. loved this post! what a beautiful reminder of a beautiful time of year!



  13. While I do love my Chocolate Easter Candy, : ) All that Christ has done
    for me is so much Sweeter!!!
    Great Post!!

  14. Our movie to watch is "Jesus of Nazareth". I often try to imagine how He could endure so much pain as I meditate on my rosary. Thanks for the post.


  15. Anonymous24.3.10

    Thank you for the beautiful post. I was wondering where you got the Old World Ten Commandments? It is beautiful and I would love to get a copy. Please let me know where you got if you can. Rittnerfam@comcast.net. Thank you - Allison

  16. Thank-you for your wonderful thoughts on our Savior, Linda--a perfect post, in my opinion! Exactly who we should be thinking of at this time of year--at every time of year, actually!

    I love the "Ten Commandments", too--and "Ben Hur" as well...don't think my girls have seen that one...I think it's time. Thanks for the reminder!

    Hope you're having a beautiful night!

  17. Thanks for the great post and images to remind us what Easter is all about. The Ten Commandments image from your sister is splendid.

  18. Dear Linda, May you have a blessed Easter!
    I have a soft spot in my heart for this movie that I've watched so many times I can't count the times.
    Always enjoy seeing it.


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