Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ornament Swap...L@@k!

My ornament is finished for the 2009 swap. I worked on it for some time today because when you don't do this often, the first one is a prototype and thought goes into it, planning, pulling out your supplies, painting, cutting, arranging, glittering, stamping, but it was loads of fun. This ornament goes to Ashley of Charlotte, N.C. Hope she likes it. Click on the photos to see the detail!
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  1. Beautiful! Ashley is going to love it!

    I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas!


  2. I am in the mood for Christmas too! We have a little white tree that I'm decorating guess what colors??? Cream, Silver, and light aqua!

  3. Hi Linda. Your ornaments are beautiful. I'm sure they'll be much-loved.
    Glad to see you back again. Missed you, my friend!

  4. Oh how lovely, dear Linda - everything looks so great....i love this colours!!!!

    Have a wonderful day, Hugs Jade

  5. I just found you from Dawn, and I love, love, love the site! I am so glad I found you. So beautiful! Thanks so much, I am having the best time reading through everything. So beautiful. Love your ornament!

  6. I LOVE the ornament! How beautiful! will you share how you made it?

    xoxo Amy Miraflor

  7. Ohhhh the ornament you created is absolutely stunning...I just love it!!
    Enjoy your day~
    Hugs, Carol Anne

  8. Your ornament is beautiful...a true reflection of you! Lovely palette..wonderful design!
    Take care, Laura

  9. Linda, your ornament is GORGEOUS!!! So very elegant ~ xxoo, Dawn

  10. Your oranmanet is lovely! Blessings!

  11. Gorgeous! Wow! THat will make her day!

  12. Your ornament is beautiful! Ashley is sure to love it. Enjoy your day! Twyla

  13. Oh my goodness your blog is amazing..why did I not every find you before. Your robin egg blue is favourite colour ever! Your ornaments are lovely...I think you would like my first ever giveaway too...please come check it out. I will become a follower because I would not want to miss any more of your posts!

  14. That ornament is lovely. It reminds me of something my sweet sister would especially love.

    Thanks for stopping by earlier today!


  15. I just wanted to stop in and tell you that I think your blog is SO pretty! I'll be back for more visits.

  16. The ornament is beautiful. I have been browsing through your blog and I love it! I love all the lavender my favorite flower!

  17. I love this beautiful ornament! I'm anxious to begin crafting some Christmas things too! I usually start back in July or August, but this has been a busy and different year for me and I've had to help my husband sell on eBay (just boring stuff-mostly oil lamps and pocket watches). Just lately, I've been able to return to blogging and have had a little extra time to craft and create just for the pure joy of it! Don't know how long it will last but its been fun! That being said-- I sure am glad to have found your blog! I have enjoyed it very much-- It's so lovely!
    Have a wonderful day & Blessings from the Cabin!
    Claudia O.

  18. I'm sorry I just missed your giveaway, but happy to have found your blog through my friend Sharon at LiveWire Jewelry. I love robin's egg blue too...your blog is just gorgeous and so different than any I've seen. :-)

  19. I love it!! Thanks Linda! Your ornament is so pretty. We just put our tree up. Still have your ornament on my craft table. will hang it tonight and take some pics for my blog. Your ornament from me is in the mail. Hopefully it will be at your door very soon. :)

    I just love all of the blue inspiration on your blog. So cool how that card from The Brightside Project fits right in.

    Look forward to checking out the rest of your site. Have a wonderful evening!!!!




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