Friday, September 18, 2009

Silouettes on the Wall...

In 1981 my kids were 8 and 5. I taught Sunday School and did many crafts with our class of 7 and 8 year olds. I saw a tutorial on how to make a childs' silouette. Well, I can do that. All you need is your little boy or girl, 3 years and above should work, a small chair, a pole work light or you can rest the light on a table or flat surface facing a wall. The work light needs a reflector so you can shine their image on the wall. You need a magic marker and a large piece of white paper, 8" x 11- 1/2" or larger. Position your child in the chair so his or her facial silouette will be cast on the wall that the light is shining on, the chair will be between the light and the wall. You can move the chair close or farther away from the light/wall depending on how large or small you want the silouette to be. (Experiment.) The closer I had the chair with the light the clearer the image on the wall, far away it was blurry. Tape the paper on the wall at the level your childs' head will be with the light shinning on. I preferred the smaller silouette, its easier to trace on the wall. Begin tracing after you've done any rearranging with the light. Do all your staging then have them sit very still. My daughter had very long hair and I preferred to have it up in a bun. This way it brought out her features. Your child has to sit still until you are done. If I remember right my son was a wiggle worm. Reward him or her. :-). Cut out your silouette and trace on black construction paper, cut with exacto knife or small scissors. Voila. I scanned my two silouettes and darkened them because of fading over the years. This was written up by memory, I haven't done it since and should with my grandchildren. Let me know how yours turn out! I will post mine in frames next week. Please feel free to ask questions. I will follow up under this post. Thanks for stopping by, remember your comments are so cherished and appreciated!
p.s. Your responses were wonderful with my sheet music dress form. One of our fellow bloggers requested that I write up a tutorial on how I decoupaged her. I'll do some 'stagging' photos and will post that turtorial sometime next week. Thanks so much for your interest and comments!


  1. Simple and LOVELY! I hope to do this with my children SOON! It will be interesting to see how the twins silhouettes differ.

  2. Sweet! I remember having mine done at a school carnival when I was a kid. I don't know if it is still around or not??? Back then frames weren't as easy to find so it never made it to a frame.

    I have thought about trying to do my kids. Looks like I need to try to do it.


  3. The silhouettes of your children are so beautiful - yes, please do the same with your grandchildren!!!
    Warm regards, Traude

  4. I adore silhouettes. Something about these "living shadows" is always enticing. Sea Witch

  5. Beautiful! I would love to do this for my grandchildren...what a treasure it would be for them...I'll give it a try. Thanks for sharing this!



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