Saturday, August 15, 2009

Passionate Love Letters in Book Form...

Letter from King Henry VIII to Anne Bolyne. It looks upside down but isn't.
My daughter's book of Love Letters. This was a gift to her from a friend. Each page is filled with poems and original scans of love letters tucked in envelopes. Ones such as Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Robert Browing, King Henry VIII to Anne Bolyne, Horatio Nelson to Lady Emma Hamilton, George Bernard Shaw to Beatrice Campbell, and the list goes on. Quotes from diaries, love letters, and poems written from one lover to another. These quotes and letters are labeled as: Beguiled, Breathless!, Rapturous, Longing, Intoxicated, Delicious, Lascivious (oh my)! Reproachful, Exclusive, Tormented, the list here goes on also. Every page is filled with desire and passion from men and women who wrote in love and in hate. Every page is artfully done with vintage clipart and paintings of lovers of long ago.
'All will pass, except my passion for you..'
'I defy you to forget me utterly.'
'I am your slave, make me your king..'
'Yesterday was a day of perfect debauchery.'
'How I revel in your lovely letters.
Opening one of them is like plunging into-into a bath of rosewater
I feel so certain that it will bring delicious refreshment.'
'My diary is one long love letter to you.'
'In your angel eyes I have captured unknown joys.'
'You are the wine and poetry of life.'
There are more lascivious words from poems and letters, but I dare not type them here!
Hope you enjoyed the world of love from vintage times!
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  1. I love this book. I was lucky to find it at a library book sale and have been treasuring it for a couple of years. I so wanted to use it for some altered or mixed media projects, but I haven't gotten the nerv yet to cut it up.

  2. This sounds like a wonderful book. I am extremely passionate about love letters and the art of writing letters in general. Thanks for sharing the post. I definitely will try to find the book on-line for myself.

  3. Hi Linda,
    So beautiful,,people knew the power of words then,,men especially. I am glad you shared this.


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