Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old Sheet Music: Waltz's

Another great find at an anitque shop in WI. This one is kinda falling apart, over 150 pages of sheet music in beautiful waltz's. I love the vintage coloring of these pages. The sheets are just a little oversized for my scanner but thats ok. The second image is pretty with the banner title curved and the font is neat! This has to be my 4th all-in-one printer in the last 10 years. The printers don't wear out it's the software that goes haywire. :-)
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  1. I love old sheet music, Linda!
    Thanks for posting the image.

  2. Anonymous5.8.09

    Oh seeing this old sheet music reminds me of some music books I have that were my Dad's in college...
    Awww thanks so much dear friend for adding my shoppe button to your are just so Sweet!!
    Have a great day and pop on by!

  3. I never thought about buying sheet music at an antique store. I used to play the piano but it has been so many years now that I would have to relearn it!


  4. Thank you for the lovely sheet music. I could not get the first one to save for my files? But I appreciate it anyway...sharon

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely words and stopping by my blog for a visit.
    There are so many things that I adore here, your studio and the beautiful jars displaying all of the fun stuff for creating and I must not forget the tranquil sounds of water and bird song; makes me want to stay a while.

    I see this blog is perfectly done with your gorgeous mosaic banner, certainly there’s no need to disrupt such a lovely place, but you are welcome to the blog banner “Story Book “anytime.Nice to visit you once again.

    Hugs Annabelle


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